Yes my parents forced me right into diapers.I wanted my parental to force me into diapers since I want to undertake them every the time and also could not afford the price of diapers myself.Now mine parents do me stay diapers all the moment and change me and also the toilet is off limits unless i ask castle first.If you"re a boy or teenager and want your parents to pressure you come wear diapers you deserve to usually obtain your parental to pressure you come wear diapers by wetting or pooping her pants in the day.I wanted my parental to pressure me to wear diapers all the time so I began wetting my pants on purpose and would wet my trousers while sit on the floor, in ~ the dinner table, in the car, in the grocery store store, if on the computer, if watching TV etc.After a couple of months the me doing that my parents made me undertake diapers temporarily till I witnessed a doctor.The physician of course discovered nothing wrong through me and also suggested that i wear diapers every the time.So my mom went to Walmart and bought some pampers cruisers dimension 7 diapers and told me I had to stay them.I acted choose I hated it but I actually liked it.My mom and also dad both readjust my diaper and also said that ns would need to wear the diapers all the time until I could keep the diaper dry.Of food I"m no gonna store my diaper dry and I cannot usage the toilet on my very own until ns let my parental know.I cannot adjust my very own diaper and also at residence I must wear simply the diaper or diaper and shirt.I need to drink from a baby party now and sit in a highchair and also now I also sleep in a crib.It"s amazing.When I relocate out top top my very own I desire to get a wooded building and also have a nursery and also want come play together a toddler top top play equipment in just my diaper.I prefer wearing diapers for fun too and also I"m 13 years old.My parents room making me undertake diapers i m sorry is good because that"s what ns wanted.I lastly got my parental to pressure me come wear diapers every the time.I began wetting my pants and also would not go to the toilet.Finally ~ 6 months of wetting my trousers my parental made me undertake diapers full time.I have the right to fit right into Pampers Cruisers dimension 7 because I"m skinny and I have to wear the Pampers Cruisers size 7 diapers all the time and also even also school.I started institution yesterday here and also I undertake the Pampers Cruisers dimension 7 diaper to school but at home I have to go approximately in nothing however the diaper and also sometimes a shirt.

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answeredDec 27, 2020by Pamperslover(30,650 points)

My parents never really required me to wear diapers yet I wish they would"ve.

Even as soon as I would certainly wet the bed they would not force me come wear diapers.

I to be hoping in ~ 8 year old and above that they would certainly make me wear diapers all the moment for wetting the bed.

I undertake diapers currently as an adult.

But ns wish i was required to undertake diapers favor the child in the snapshot below.

I have more pictures of him on mine album ~ above


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answeredDec 27, 2020by Southernky7(310 points)
My parents made me undertake diapers together a bed wetter.I to be 8 year old and was made to wear diapers too during the day.