Nikko, King the the Winged Monkeys, deserve a credit transaction for pat Walshe, the only little bit player in the film to be credited. Pinterest

25. The Flying chimpanzees is a surname which Baum’s Winged monkeys acquired over time

In the Oz books, beginning with The wonderful Wizard that Oz in 1900, the Winged monkeys are totally free creatures until eventually enslaved by the wicked Witch the the West, who provided them to dominate the Winkies, with the usage of a talisman referred to as the gold Cap. In the film the winged primates are led by Nikko, the only one handle by name (by the Witch as soon as she orders him to take his army to the Haunted Forest and also capture Dorothy and also Toto).

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Baum only mentioned the Winged primates in one of the subsequent Oz books, The Marvelous soil of Oz. In neither the books nor the 1939 film room they referred to as paris Monkeys, though the is the name by which they space most frequently referred to today. Patrick Walshe, one American circus performer and animal impersonator shown Nikko in the movie. Viewers of the film that saw the credit to Patrick Walsh as nico often believed it described the Winkie that cried, “Hail come Dorothy” when the wicked Witch that the West to be dead.

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