First Time that Kissed A Boy by Danish band Kadie Elder is one absolutely excellent electro-pop song, with a stunning music video clip to go v it.

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Starting v the music video, the mute pastel colours are so aesthetically pleasing, and also the video is beautifully shot. It’s really clean and sharp through a simple, effective style. The refreshing to view a music video clip representing happy youth and also sexuality.

The video consists of a young listening to music ~ above a park bench at the side-lines of some tennis courts, while 3 tennis football player – two boys and a girl – play. The tennis players an alert the boy on the bench and go end to bother and mock him.


The young on the bench operation away and also hides behind a adjacent shed, and also then bring away a snapshot of his love attention (one that the boy tennis players) native his wallet and burns it. The tennis young from the snapshot then find him and seems apologetic in his human body language. The two touch legs and then kiss until they are recorded by the other tennis boy and the tennis girl. The kissing boys originally seem scared at being exposed however in a minute of solidarity v each other, kiss again, in spite of the others gift there. It’s a beloved ending around overcoming fear and being together, no matter what other human being think.


The song itself is an extremely catchy and also quite ethereal, with a tune that will remain in your head. It’s around having that first kiss, having previously only well-known repression and hiding of her identity. Her whole human being widens in this moment and also just like the music, whatever becomes much much more positive. It deserve to be lonely gift a happy youth however having that very first connection through someone can be therefore empowering.


Favourite Lyrics:

First time he kissed a boy

He had actually never never loved

walks top top a curvy roadway

Feel for this reason cold

Keeping ago

the ghost within

Locked the in a pack

all his life

all his life

Tone: Upbeat

Score: 9/10

Other observations:

The tennis boy love interest, Lasse Steen Jensen, is in quick films We are Okay now | by means of er okay nu (2017) and Cognitio (2018).

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