I’m sure you’ve occurred to check out a gif v this boy somewhere on the web. What you may not recognize is the the protagonist the that video clip is Jessica Leonard who was the world’s fattest girl, weighing 420 pounds (190 kg) as soon as she was just 8 years old.

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The dorn diet

The child has pertained to weigh so lot by eating about 10,000 calorie a day. She meals consisted mostly of junk food purchase in rapid food outlets and also she asked come eat every two hours. She didn’t want snacks, she wanted complete meals.

Her mom couldn’t to speak no to her and every time her daughter had a tantrum asking for food, she pleasure her. In one interview she stated that she couldn’t say no once her daughter cried and asked for more food, for this reason she satisfied her in every her requests.

Many world who observed Jessica ~ above the street called social services, worried around her health. The girl’s mother says that the first visit by the social solutions came when Jessica was just two years old. But when they saw that the home was clean and also tidy and that the family provided everything because that the girl, they left.

When Jessica was 2 years old she already weighed 110 pounds (50 kg) and also a year later on she sweet 170 pounds (77 kg).

At the period of 6 she to be no longer able come walk and also preferred come crawl top top her target or to roll from one next of the room come the other, while once she left the residence she supplied a wheelchair. His load was so excessive that she legs could no longer support her, deforming permanently and taking the type of an arch.

Jessica had likewise been a guest ~ above some television programs in the United says that had actually raised criticism and indignation amongst the windy for she condition.

Jessica Leonard risked she life

But the was just after Jessica rotate eight that something changed. In that year she experienced a respiratory crisis. She was rushed come the hospital, whereby the doctors, alarmed by she weight, contact the society services.

Subsequently, Jessica was taken to a clinic for youngsters suffering from obesity and was subjected to a strict diet and consistent exercise.

Thanks to she diet and training, she to be able to shed 320 pounds (145 kilos).

When she returned home, things didn’t go immediately well. Jessica continued to be constantly hungry and constantly asking for food, going back to having a tantrum once she didn’t gain what she wanted. However her mother, fortunately, stopped providing in to her requests and continued to make her follow she diet and her workouts.


At the age of 10, Jessica sweet 110 lbs (50 kg) and also was 4’9″ (150 cm) tall. ~ this how amazing loss the weight, she to be left with 22lbs (10 kg) of overabundance skin that she will have to remove with a surgery.

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In 2006 Jessica underwent an operation to straighten her legs and also was wait for the surgery to eliminate the overfill skin.