Family Guy: 10 best Peter & The men Episodes Peter Griffin has actually a great squad that buddies who make family Guy even funnier, yet what room the finest episodes concentrating on Peter and the guys?

Peter and the males in household Guy
as the name would suggest, Family Guy is mostly a show about a family. In most episodes, the hijinks the Peter gets right into involve his wife and kids. But the writers have likewise explored miscellaneous other genres. They’ve covered science fiction in Brian and Stewie’s time-traveling adventures and buddy comedy in Peter’s escapades through the guys.

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While the Griffins are certainly the many beloved personalities on Family Guy, Peter has actually shared a bunch the hilarious storylines through his finest pals Cleveland, Quagmire, and also Joe. These are the best episodes the Family Guy that exemplify Peter’s hysterical chemistry with his buddies.

Peter and also the men escape native jail in family Guy
The guys head turn off on a road expedition to brand-new Orleans in season 10’s “Cool Hand Peter,” yet the episode takes a dark turn once they’re pulled end by a crooked cop and also thrown in jail. Native there, it i do not care a parody that its namesake Cool Hand Luke.

After getting to the last straw with the corrupt warden, the guys plot come escape indigenous prison. The escape highlights just how well these males work together when they have a common goal.

Peter and also the guys DJing in family Guy
after trying and failing to begin a successful podcast in season 15’s “Peter’s Def Jam,” Peter starts landing gigs as a DJ and also brings in Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire for backup.

As usual, a taste that success provides Peter forget the prominence of his friends, just to walk crawling back to them once he finds himself in end his head. This arc is familiar, but the episode has actually some meta fun with that familiarity.

Peter and also the men at Niagara drops in household Guy
after Peter stumbles top top a missing child and also gets hailed together a hero, Joe realizes his life no going as planned and also quits his job in order come live life to the fullest. The takes the males on a expedition to Niagara Falls, supposedly because that a vacation, but when they acquire there, they find out that the plans to take it his own life.

As Peter, Cleveland, and Quagmire all try and failure to to convince Joe that life is worth living, the convinces himself the life is precious living once his friends fall in the river and he saves their lives.

7 The Splendid resource (Season 8, episode 19)

Peter and also the guys discover where hoax come native in household Guy
Peter and the guys set off on a road pilgrimage to discover the origin of a dirty joke in season 8’s “The Splendid Source,” and also uncover a secret society that the world’s smartest human being coming up with jokes.

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There’s a nostalgic aspect to this episode, as it saw Cleveland’s an initial return come Family Guy ~ landing his own spin-off. The dynamic had actually felt incomplete because Cleveland left, so that was great to have him ago in the fold.

In season 10’s “Forget-Me-Not,” Stewie tells Brian the he’s not as close v Peter together his actual friends, Joe and also Quagmire, and also that he wouldn’t be Peter’s girlfriend at all if he wasn’t his dog.

When Brian protests, Stewie puts this theory to the test v a simulation in which Peter, Brian, Joe, and Quagmire all wake up in a hospital through no memories. That was fun to see just how Peter and the guys’ dynamic readjusted when they went from old friends to perfect strangers.

5 Veteran guy (Season 16, episode 14)

after ~ finding a coastline Guard cap at a thrift store, Peter is mistaken because that a battle veteran in season 16’s “Veteran Guy.” he decides no to exactly anyone due to the fact that it it s okay him a bunch of free stuff, and the men all gain on board after realizing Kenny Loggins plays when they put on shades.

When the ruse is discovered out, they’re sent to actually offer in the coast Guard in Florida. As anyone would certainly expect, they’re nice incompetent, however they control to work together to foil a bomb plot at the episode’s climax.

when Stewie is do the efforts to gain revenge top top the children who stole his candy in season 9’s “Halloween top top Spooner Street,” Peter and the men are pranking every other, together is their annual Halloween tradition.

This year, that Quagmire’s turn to gain pranked, and Peter and also Joe fight him with shocking pranks like infecting him v an unknown disease they found in Africa. What follows is a little soul-searching that fills in some of Quagmire’s backstory, but it turns out come be fancy lie as he was setting up his very own prank to obtain them back.

3 think It Or Not, Joe’s wade On wait (Season 6, illustration 3)

Joe experience an speculative leg transplant to gain back the capability to to walk in season 6’s “Believe it or Not, Joe’s wade on Air,” and as soon as he’s out of his wheelchair, he can’t wait to make up for lost time through nonstop extreme sports. Naturally, the sedentary Peter, Cleveland, and also Quagmire battle to store up v him.

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Joe is definitely the odd one the end in Peter’s friendship group, and also this illustration highlights that more than any type of other.

The guys shot their hand at composing their own horror movie after see a disappointing entry in the genre. After failing to come up with a an excellent idea, they decision to invest a night in an abandoned psychological institution for inspiration. There, they seemingly death an innocent male in cold blood and live the end their own an individual horror film.

“Peternormal Activity” it s okay a most comedic mileage out of every of Peter’s girlfriend pitching their own scary movie premise in its an initial half, when the quartet is merged by their common guilt in the 2nd half.

1 Ocean’s Three and A half (Season 7, episode 7)

After being pregnant for seven seasons, Bonnie ultimately had the infant in “Ocean’s Three and a Half.” Struggling come pay all the prices of a newborn baby, Joe recruits Peter, Quagmire, and also Cleveland to assist him break right into Lois’ dad’s vault come steal his fortune.

The framework of a heist movie, native the planning come the execution, gave the authors plenty of methods for hilarious character moment exemplifying every of Peter’s friends’ strengths, choose Cleveland’s capacity to perfect impersonate anybody’s voice.

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