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THIS IS one ANIME ONLY conversation POST. Execute NOT comment on THE MANGA past THIS EPISODE.

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----------------------------------------Eh, ns think the fight in between Erza and also Kyoka in their encounter this illustration was okay. Felt more like a battle of wills and around what they space fighting for quite than simply who is superior. The end of all their encounters therefore far, I"d say that this was the most fierce one yet.A decent focus on Erza particularly with her struggles.I cant" say I"m surprised that her allies are angry in ~ what Kyoka is doing to her. What a comeback though. Predictable yet fitting because that someone favor Erza. Yet Face...D:

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It"s due to the fact that of the magic eye the Erza is saved. And also nakama strength of course.Next is the eternal loli revolve to present up.

Kickstarter for Rokujouma is fully funded. An excellent work everyone. Lets wait because that the an outcome of our hard work together.

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This is the controversial battle that make the Fairy Tail community explode, so what that it. First of all let me talk around strictly about the anime adaption. Together usual the does a good job on making the chapters involved life, and was much more enjoyable than in the manga.We saw an ext of the dragon which is constantly a plus. And still nothing is scary than all the Lammys. Currently as because that the Erza vs Kyouka fight, i don"t dislike it as lot as everyone appears to. Did Hiro do Kyouka as well OP yes, did he fail to provide a proper explanation of just how Erza was able to overcome losing her sense and such and win, yup. The is a shame because there were factors in place that they can have used, choose Erza fake eye, I understand that has saved her before, however that might have been used, or the explanation i would have actually gone for, her endure at the Tower the Heaven, toughen she so much that naught Kyouka can do might top the experience.And Minerva offered the finishing blow, she was there simply so Erza would not bloody her hands, which ns think is unnecessary, why can"t anyone from Fairy Tail death someone, however I can excuse that v Erza in that, she has actually this thing with Jellal in i beg your pardon she has actually never soil herself v darkness while Jellal has his hands extended with blood, therefore to save that going, Erza can"t kill. Top top the other hand, the does offer Minerva something come do, and she actually did miscellaneous to contribute to her redemption, which up to this allude all she has done is be a victim to be pitied. However it is also late challenge is activated, what will take place now? us will uncover out, following week Natsu gets some aid from Sting and also Rogue against Mard Guille, when the fight in between the dragon continue.