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If you shot to beat a track in iTunes that has an exclamation point (!) next to it, iTunes display screens the error message, "Original record could no be found." Some simple troubleshooting steps have the right to fix this error, even if it is it appears for an individual tune or multiple missing songs in your iTunes Library, and help prevent the error from happening again.

Instructions in this article use to iTunes on macOS Mojave (10.14) or earlier and iTunes on home windows 10. Apple changed iTunes with the Music app in macOS Catalina (10.15), but many the the steps right here are the same.



reasons of the lacking Original document Error

An exclamation allude appears beside a song when iTunes doesn"t recognize where to find the MP3 or AAC record for the song. This case occurs because songs aren"t save in the iTunes app. Instead, iTunes functions like a catalog for the music documents stored on a computer"s tough drive. Once you double-click a song, iTunes searches the ar on the hard drive wherein it expects to discover the file.If the music file isn"t in the place the applications expects, it can"t pat the song.

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The most common causes of the error encompass a paper that has been moved from its original location, a record that isn"t save on computer in the Music folder, or a song document that has been deleted. Also, an additional media applications may have moved the file without informing you.

In the Music app: Home/MusicIn iTunes on Mac: Home/Music/iTunes/iTunes MediaIn iTunes on windows 10: Music/iTunes/iTunes Media

just how to fix the Error because that a single Missing Music document

If iTunes displays an exclamation point beside a single song in your iTunes Library, complete the complying with steps: