Then we have the right to send lock in to miss out on information, and also we don"t know how she obtained them!

Great! Let"s go!


What to be that?

Uh, probably simply the hexoren transforming over.

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Emma claims it likes come sleep on its side.

Doesn"t matter.

Is the lizard boy under my bed again?

Ugh, he"s together a pain, blending into walls and also hiding under things and also scaring the pants off my mom.

That part"s actually pretty fun.

(Laughs) Great.

I would love to watch that, however right currently it"s photo time.


More than ever, I must disappear, so choose me up and get me the end of here.

(Upbeat pop music)

♪ I cast a spell ♪♪ the takes a host of you ♪♪ I watch my dreams ♪♪ and also they"re all coming true ♪♪ come on, let"s go ♪♪ you and me with each other ♪♪ look up ahead ♪♪ there"s a miracle adventure ♪♪ Every Witch Way, ay, ay, ay, ay ♪♪ I"m make the efforts Every Witch Way, ay, ay, ay, ay ♪♪ I"m walk Every Witch Way, ay, ay, ay, ay ♪♪ Every Witch Way


I have the right to explain!

You can describe what?

What? Oh. Oh!

I can define why you uncovered nothing under the bed.

You have... Witchanoia!


Yes. Emma has it too.

Always reasoning she sees and hears points that aren"t there.

One time, she believed my dog was informing her federal government secrets.


Let"s lug this downstairs and look for a cure.

Not so fast!

The publication stays.

(Sighs) Okay, i can... I can get this one.


Prime numbers. Don"t tell me.

It"s a tough one.

When I was in high school, the stumped everyone at the mathlete marathon.

31 and also 71!

(Laughs) You gained it!



Wait, now I obtained a real doozy because that you.

Check this.

Emma, you"re back.

With Daniel.

Emma, are you okay?

Why are you wet?

Oh. I just fell into the pool.

You dropped into the pool?


You"re no wet. You just watched her fall in?

Oh, nice.

No, ns was currently in.

Then had a adjust of clothes, and... And also my hair...

It wasn"t Daniel"s fault.

(Laughs) It never ever is.

Are you every right?

I"ve acquired my cape in here.

Super absorbent.

I"m okay, thanks.

Beau, you"re home!

What walk you do with the boys?

I mean, qu"avez-vous fait avec les garcons?

What does that mean?

He swam with the sharks and also then played the an excellent jalapeño race, obvs.

(Whispering) Maddie.

You have actually to readjust him back.

But Sophie really likes him.

Look how happy she is.

Look what the cat dragged in.


Are you... You?

Who else would I be?

Ugh, ns can"t wait until I tell Maddie you came by.

I gained to go obtain dressed; It"s pastel Friday.

I to be kidding!

You should have seen her face.

It"s you!

Relax, relax. I was just gone for a day.

It felt favor a month.

Glad you"re back.

Thanks for de-pantherizing me.

You should get dressed; We"re gonna be late because that school.

Wait. Not... Not so fast.

Um, I"m still supposed to it is in mad in ~ you.

For what?


Wait, it"ll concerned me.

Right, for not taking every this magic stuff an ext seriously.


Well, "cause you"re my best friend, and also I don"t desire to view you shed your strength or perhaps disintegrate.


That"s the nicest thing you"ve ever said come me.

And that"s why i hardly ever before do it.

Right. Right. Sorry.

Wait, walk you to speak disintegrate?

I"m here! I"m here!

Where have actually you been?

We"ve been waiting here for five entirety minutes!

You claimed we were conference at 9:45.

No, I claimed 8:45!

Sorry, ns sometimes have actually trouble listening frequencies above 40,000 hertz.

I can help you v that.

Oh, i don"t favor the sound that this.

You no listening makes my rage trigger.

So come teach friend a lesson, I"m walking to do your ear bigger!


Beau, you saved me.

My hero!

Come on, Andi.

I"m sure you watch fine.

I can"t think I allow you speak me right into this.

Hey, you to be the one that claimed I had to take this magic thing more seriously, right?

That"s not what i meant!

We need to use every benefit we have.

Since Maddie still thinks you"re a panther...

Not a single word.



I"m here.


You look...


You watch awesome.

Uh, yeah.

So good.

I can"t think this is your very first pastel Friday.

I"m a fast learner.

Now it"s time for part two the the pastel Friday tradition.

Oh, what"s that?

W... Wait.

Wait, that... That"s Emma"s locker.

How carry out you understand her combination?


Oh, Andi.

Sometimes girlfriend ask the silliest questions.


Now recording this everywhere everything.


So Andi"s Andi however is pretending to be a panther?


And... She"s gonna steal the book back?

I hope so.

Otherwise, I"ll it is in powerless and also Maddie will certainly be...

Maddie to the 100th degree.

Can"t you simply take a bus somewhere and not be here for the eclipse?

We have the right to hide in mine grandmother"s cabin in Tallahassee.

There"s a great patio for stargazing.

I don"t think i can.

Lily stated something around me having to case my strength or very own them or something choose that.


I better put this in mine agenda.

"Find out exactly how Emma claims powers/ask grammy-gram about cabin availability."

I"ll asking Lily the following time I watch her.

Don"t worry.

I won"t let anything happen to you.

Go ahead.

But Emma"s favourite collage is in there.

Who cares?

You"re a panther, so you need to do a smoothie smother.

What did i miss?

Andi below is about to perform her first smoothie smother in Emma"s locker.

I can"t. I can"t.

I knew it. You"re a panther imposter!

Go ahead. Rotate me right into a real panther.

Turn her right into a crocodile.

No, send her somewhere terrible, like...



Four eggs in a basket, one in the pantry.

Let"s have actually a celebration come turn...

Hey, girls. Is every little thing all ideal here?

Yes, nurse Lily.

Everything"s great.

Nurse Lily!

I"m so happy you"re here.

I actually have some crucial questions about...


Let"s acquire out that here.

Gonna eat that?


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You average you"re...

You"re no gonna eat the burger freestyle or you"re not listening come me freestyle?