The other day my expedition 2006 5.4 got in "fail safe" setting , shut the off and also worked well , all gauges were normal , it never did it again , mobile rang and also the moment it to be answed the Expedition got in "fail safe" setting , coincedence? any kind of ideas? The examine engine light never came on. Many thanks in advance.

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Noboss,THAT is really cool!!! ns have discovered that the emissions from a cabinet phone simply prior come a new call deserve to do every kinds of strange things. Ours Polycom speakerphones will certainly make weird noises before an incoming cell call, and I learned the I can remote-control mine Norelco electrical razor by make a contact to my cabinet phone. The Norelco is completely manual, no automatic anything...but the cell phone will rotate it on! It"s every kinda spooky!
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My wife"s 2003 Expedition always takes two turns of the key to start. If you try to begin it, that will turn over for a long time and now start, yet as quickly as you let turn off the key and hit the again, it fires best up... Any kind of ideas on this.Gary
One easy inspect is to placed a fuel pressure gage top top the rail and monitor fuel availability at the rail during first crank. You didn"t say whether it took 2 cranks ~ an overnight delay, (cold start) or after a short hold-up after getting to operating temp.Without any type of tools, you can shot this:1. Cold morning...cycle key to ON, wait 10 seconds, cycle vital back come OFF, instantly cycle an essential back come crank.2. After automobile is running, however not warmth yet...shut off and also attmept restart.3. Bring vehicle to operating temperature. Shut off. Effort restart.I am assuming that the inspect engine light is no on. My guess is that the fuel pump check valve is leaking and you are losing pressure. ~ re-prime, every little thing will be normal.Good luck, James.
I"m a driveability mech at a Ford dealer.There space a number of reasons for your truck to go into fail for sure mode.The most usual is a difficulty with the electronic throttle bodies.It could likewise be because of the trans,over heating,bad misfire or a comunication problem between electronic modules in her truck.The an initial thing to perform would it is in to check your system for diagnostic problem codes.That will acquire you sharp in the appropriate direction.The many common reason is the throttle position sensor which is on the throttle body.Taking it to her Ford dealer would certainly be the best way to go.

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James, i tried the organize the an essential for 10 seconds, reasoning that the fuel presure demands time to build up, no luck. When the engine is cold, it"s beginning quicked, it"s once the engine is warm it takes 2 trys. I have actually been told the the oil press switch might be bad. I"ll look in ~ the fuel rail next.Gary
Update , the Dealer replaced the TPS throttle position sensor and for now it has actually cured the difficulty , funny thing it did no show any kind of codes on the OBD II , thanks again for all her help.
Similar worry on the wife's Freestyle, yet would only occur when you were slowing to a stop. The only difference if it would certainly "flare" & friend would need to jam on the brakes to keep from rear ending someone or entering an intersection. Of course the dealer company dept might find nothing wrong with it... Guess: v someone needs to die prior to the tech's will deal with anything. Just my suffer at the FW ford dealers, i am certain their are much better tech's around.Mike
The other day my exploration 2006 5.4 went into "fail safe" mode , shut the off and worked well , all gauges were typical , it never did that again , mobile rang and the minute it to be answed the Expedition went into "fail safe" setting , coincedence? any kind of ideas? The check engine light never came on. Many thanks in advance.
That's no a fare statement. We want to fix your car,that's the ONLY means we get paid! But,we desire to resolve it,not guess if at every possible.One the the toughest points we have actually to resolve is intermittent pertains to like yours.If we don't gain a trouble code out the the cars computer system or can't discover anything wrong,we're stuck.Because we can't simply throw a component on there and see what happens.For one,if it happens again,it is now considered a repeat repair and also we need to fix it for nothing.Second,if us just shot to execute something to your vehicle,like replace a part that could cause your concern and you still have actually the very same problem but this time you obtain in one accident,you'll sue united state in a heart beat.Even though we were do the efforts to perform something to help instead of telling you we can't find anything wrong.