its a piece of **** thats why mine did the same thing much less than a year later on after purchasing had actually a organization tech come the end prior and he resolved it because that THE MOMENT. Then one month later on the ***** point dies again please help us

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I know this is an old post, yet the very same thing occurred to mine after just 3 hrs of use. Sent out it back, apparently the power supply published circuit board failed. After googling this, I found it is really common v Dynex ****. Never again will I purchase this junk. Now the TV is working, yet when I rotate it on, the eco-friendly power led does not turn on. Not sure exactly how long this repair will last. Dynex is ****!!!


My Dynex TV red light is on but it wont revolve on--Is this your problem--

Try this for a start---1. Host

and also button on the side of the TV2. When holding these, push the button on the side of TV (NOT remote)3. Blue light come ON and stays ON4. Wait 10 secs then let walk of and also 5. Wait an additional 30 seconds and some type of snapshot should appear---If the does no work--Unplug TV for 60 seconds and also then hold power switch on TV for 60 seconds--Plug in and also turn on.If that does no work--Blown key AC fuse due to shorted the end Diodes, transistors.Bad capacitors leaking or bulging tops: Shorted Diodes, transistors in the DC calculation side-- If you want to go within the TV and check the power board and also main board let me know--

Same TV ?Scroll down to how to remove ago cover----Back that TV and where the screws are to remove back cover--Let me know when you get back panel off--and if feasible a photo of your strength board in ~ an angel--

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Thank you for Your help with the Dynex TV. Ns was really at a loss. Till I uncovered your post. Tried the first thing but that did not work, yet unplugging prefer you said worked. Give thanks to you. Perform you recognize if due to the fact that this happened, that it method that is is going? Or maybe just a fluke thing?

Oh ok, i c. Again, it was great of friend to write-up the help. Ns really evaluate it. I understand others will too!