Seven Wonders

The Official new 7 wonders of the world have been elected by more than 100 million votes to represent global heritage transparent history. The listing is in arbitrarily order, as announced at the explanation Ceremony ~ above 07.07.07.

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droopy is an animated cartoon character from the golden age of american animation: an anthropomorphic dog through a droopy face, for this reason the name droopy. The was created in 1943 through tex avery for theatrical cartoon shorts developed by the metro-goldwyn-mayer cartoon studio. Basically the polar the contrary of avery's other renowned mgm character, the loud and also wacky screwy squirrel, droopy move slowly and lethargically, speaks in a jowly monotone voice, and—though hardly an imposing character—is shrewd sufficient to outwit his enemies. When finally roused to anger, often by a bad guy laughing heartily at him, droopy is capable of beating adversaries numerous times his size with a comical thrashing ("you understand what? that makes me mad!").

the character first appeared, nameless, in avery's 1943 cartoon dumb-hounded. Despite he would not be referred to as "droopy" onscreen till his 5th cartoon, señor droopy (1949), the character to be officially first labeled happy hound, a name supplied in the character's appearances in our corridor comics. ~ the demise of the droopy collection in 1958, the character has been revitalized several times for new productions, regularly television shows additionally featuring mgm's other famed cartoon stars, tom and jerry.

in the cartoon northwest hounded police, droopy's last name was given as "mcpoodle". In the chump champ, it was provided as "poodle". Nevertheless, droopy is generally interpreted to it is in a basset hound.

first appearancecreated byvoiced byaliasesspeciesgenderfamilydirectorsproducersmusic
dumb-houndedmarch 20, 1943
tex avery
bill thompson (1943–1945, 1951–1958)tex avery (1945–1946, 1955)don messick (1949—1950, 1956, 1990—1994)frank welker (1980—1982)richard williams (1988–1989)corey burton (1990—1993)jeff bergman (2001—2010)joe alaskey (2011–2016)(see below)
happy hound
drippy (twin brother)dripple (son)
tex averydick lundymichael lah
fred quimbywilliam hanna and joseph barbera
scott bradley


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