Las vegas Road trip Series

When acquisition a road expedition to Vegas, the drive is component of the fun. If her journey beginning in Seattle, steering to ras Vegas is a good way to experience the beauty, beauty of the Northwest before getting here in the desert, all while make memories with your friends and family. A Seattle to ras Vegas road expedition is a expedition that everyone should experience.

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Pack her bags, rally the troops, and fill the tank, since we have actually all the road expedition recommendations to embark top top the finest Seattle to las Vegas drive.

The Logistics: Route, drive Time & Traffic

Taking a Seattle to las Vegas road expedition can quickly be done in a day through plenty that time to spare when you acquire in to vegas – uneven you take your time at every of the road trip stops and also enjoy every the sights and activities your drive needs to offer! The I-84 E and also US-93 S are the key roads you will do it be steering on, taking you simply over 1,115 miles v Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and also Nevada. With best traffic and also weather conditions, the road trip takes about 17 hours to complete.

If possible, avoid beginning the Seattle to ras Vegas drive on Thursday through Sunday, the most renowned driving days. Instead, leaving on less-popular driving job such as Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as soon as traffic tends to be lighter than the hustle and bustle that weekend driving. Permit for longer drive times if you arrangement on traveling to the city for las Vegas events or during the holidays. No matter where you driving from or which day of the week, the website traffic is sure to pick up closer to the city.

Seattle to ras Vegas Road trip Stops


Snoqualmie suggest Park | 1,091 miles to Vegas

Snoqualmie allude Park is a 0.5 mile easy trafficked loop follow that features beautiful wild flowers and is an excellent for all ability levels. The trail is primarily used because that walking and nature trips and is obtainable year-round.

Franklin drops Trailhead | 1,071 miles to Vegas

Franklin falls Trail 1036 is a 2 mile heavily trafficked out and earlier trail located near Snoqualmie Pass, WA that functions a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a variety of activity alternatives and is accessible year-round.

Yakima Area Arboretum | 972 miles to Vegas

The Yakima Area Arboretum is an metropolitan green room and refuge ~ above 46 acres of land cultivated as display screen gardens, tree collections, and also natural areas. It at this time has end 1,000 woody plants and also a herbarium and a selection of gardens.

Teapot Dome Gas Station | 954 miles to Vegas

The Teapot Dome organization Station is a previous gas station constructed in the shape of a teapot. That was motivated by the Teapot Dome Scandal that the Harding administration, Jack Ainsworth constructed the Teapot Dome service Station in 1922.

Pendleton Underground tourism | 841 mile to Vegas

Pendleton Underground tours is a non-profit corporation that began in 1989, giving tours the Pendleton’s red irradiate district. Subject issue covers gambling, the Chinese influence on the west, bootlegging, and prostitution.

Warhawk wait Museum | 636 mile to Vegas

The Warhawk air Museum attributes historic warbirds, war planes & an individual memorabilia from WWI, WWII, Vietnam & Korea top top display. It to represent the American experience of world War I, human being War II, and also the Cold war era.

Malad canyon State Park | 527 miles to Vegas

This 451-acre park shows the Malad river crashing down stairstep falls and into the Devil’s Washbowl and cutting v a beautiful 250-foot canyon on its way to the line River. Malad canyon is open up for hiking, picnicking and also day outings. 

Perrine Memorial leg | 499 mile to Vegas

The Perrine bridge spans the majestic Snake river Canyon top top the north edge of twin Falls. The bridge crosses 486 feet (148 meters) over the deep canyon of the line River, is 1,500 feet long, and offers pedestrian walkways.

Nevada north Railway Museum | 243 miles to Vegas

The Nevada northern Railway Museum is a railroad museum located in Ely, Nevada and also is operated by a historic foundation specialized to the conservation of the Nevada northern Railway.

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Crystal Springs, NV | 108 miles to Vegas

This is the first spot ~ above the east side the Highway 375, which was renamed the Extraterrestrial Highway in honor of surrounding Area 51. The crystal Springs extraterrestrial Research facility promises “all things alien,” consisting of “Alien new Jerky.”

Some speak life isn’t only around the destination, it’s about the journey. If you planning your following trip to ras Vegas, consider hitting the road and also making one adventure out of it.