Dragon search 8 Alchemy Recipes are numerous in the video game andwhile that is easy to desire to develop everything tied come an alchemy recipe, that isnot required, native experience. I’ve found that if you make the most potent andstrongest gear then you’re ahead of the game, i cannot stress enough howimportant it is to acquire your gear up come snuff for this reason you have the right to avoid taking heavydamage, death and avoiding that video game over screen. Ultimately, maintaining up withthe latest equipment in the game can conserve lives including yours.

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When girlfriend buy weapons and also armorbefore leaving for the Waterfall Cave, nothing buy Hero a Copper knife or aLeather Hat due to the fact that he’ll discover one of each in there. Don’t sell Hero’s Bandanabecause it’ll come in handy for a future alchemy recipe


When you buying tools aswell together armor because that Hero and Yangus, don’t buy Yangus a scale Shield becausethere’s one waiting for him once he gets to Alexandra Tower but do buy him aStone Axe; hell be thankful to have a weapon that “completes” him. Also, don’tsell Hero’s animal leather Shield, it’ll come in handy once you need to use that toachemically make a brand-new line that defense; to trust me, it’s worth it.

Alexandria Tower

Hold on to Yangus’ LeatherShield, it’ll offer a good achemical purpose later on on.

Peregrin Quay

Now that you have the alchemypot, there are some things that you can make ideal now. First, buy Jessica aSilk Robe and Yangus a Chain Mail before you begin your alchemical brewing.With the said, do the following items utilizing the complying with materials:


Pickham Region

In this region, there’s a IronShield. Provide it come Yangus, Hero will obtain his as soon as you obtain to Pickham.


Hairband + rabbit Tail=BunnyEars

Hold ~ above a particle of Agilitybecause it’ll be needed to make items that’ll do Angelo a weapon that extrememight that’ll do him a force to be reckoned with not the he isn’t already.

Any Magic Water the you findor acquire, organize onto it and don’t usage them. Simply, as soon as you gain to Argoniaand usage them come alchemically produce something better; you’ll be thankful youdid.

Trodain Castle

When you obtain the Garter here,hold onto it because its walk to offer an alchemical function in the future.Don’t equip it on Jessica either, just put in the bag and ignore it.


After that, head back to theHoly Isle the Neos, and steer the boat to the far north-next stop Savella Isle.Run come the merchant, purchase Hero and also Yangus a stole Shield, Yangus an stole Maskand Angelo a silver- Mail together with Jessica a Magic Vestment.


Once did you do it talked come everyoneand fleeced the city of the items, litter the complying with items into the alchemypot to do the following:

Garter + Hunter’s Bow=Eros’Bow

Light Shield + fresh Milk +Fresh Milk=White Shield

Silver mail + Dancer’s Costume= Dancer’s Mail

Gold Rosary + divine Water +Tough man Tattoo=Holy Talisman

Templar’s knife + HolyTalisman=Holy silver- Rapier

After you develop the Eros’Bow, offer it, you’ll require the cash if girlfriend fell brief buying Jessica a MagicVestment which you should’ve.

There’s a particle of Strengthhere in town, obtain it and also hold ~ above it for later. Don’t use it!

Argonia ~ The Return

Don’t sell any kind of extra ironnails or bronze daggers because you’ll require one of each to develop anotherthief’s key.

Buy Jessica a Silk Bustier,don’t worry around her whip since shortly after you storm the Dark Ruins,you’ll be able to make her a brand-new one that she can use till the Baccarat Casinoreopens.

Next, purchase the essential materialsfrom the merchants here and also anywhere else the sells the items you need for thealchemy pot for this reason you can make the following:


Zombie letter + Saint’sAshes=Platinum Mail

Dragon scale x 2 + SnakeskinWhip=Dragontail Whip

Give Angelo the Platinum Mail,he can benefit from the extra protection and once did you do it done that thenre-enter the ruins.

Arcadia~The Return

Upon obtaining Jessica back, you have the right to buy she a Magic Bikini if you desire to which I probably would add to you’re going to do her a an effective helmet alchemically and it won’t price you a thing.


Looks prefer you’re walk tohave to go to the Inn and make it night so girlfriend can obtain the weapon shop owner,get Jessica a Spiked stole Whip. Buy two Iron Headgears indigenous the armor vendorafter spending the night at the Inn.

Post Orkutsk

Before you operation off come findMarek in ~ the Herb Grotto to the northwest, develop these:

Holy silver Rapier + Devil’sTail + wing of Bat=Fallen angel Rapier

Fallen point of view Rapier +Mercury’s Bandana x 2=Mercury’s Rapier

Titan Belt + toughness Ring=MightyArmlet

Iron Headgear + Scholar’sCap=Thinking Cap

Gold Bracer + RecoveryRing=Life Bracer

Life Bracer + MiracleSword=Uber miracle Sword

After you create the MightyArmlet, hold onto it since you’ll require it to complete a future alchemyrecipe.

Ultimate key Treasure Hunt

Return to every one of the placesthat has treasure chests locked behind iron gateways which you couldn’t accessbefore you obtained the can be fried Key, words Ultimate vital is in red and detailed as such in the ahead pages for this reason youknow where to go. After you’ve done that, create the adhering to items and trustme, you’ll want to:

Spangled dress + Ruby ofProtection + gold Bracer=Shimmering Dress

Rune employee + Shimmering Dress+ irradiate Shield=Shamshir the Light

Baccarat~Casino Reopened

After you gained the 300,000tokens native the casino roulette game, make Jessica a Shimmering dress whileyou’re at it, it’s protection she could absolutely use. The formula is this:Gold Bracer + Spangled dress + Ruby that Protection.

Also, take it this time come create4 Catholicon Rings. You’ll require 10 gold Rings, 4 poison Moth Knives, 4 PoisonNeedles, 4 Saint’s Ashes and 4 Partisan Spears. Once you’ve obtained theaforementioned items together, develop the complying with rings.

Ring the Immunity, gold Ring +Poison Needle

Full Moon Ring, gold Ring +Poison Moth Knife

Sandstorm Spear, PartisanSpear + Saint’s Ashes

Ring the Truth, yellow Ring +Sandstorm Spear

Ring of truth + full Moon Ring+ Ring of immunity = Catholicon Ring

Swing by the Pickham Casinoand to buy Hero a Platinum Headgear, he’ll advantage from the extra protection

Empycchu ~ world of Light

Buy Jessica a fire Shieldwhile she here and don’t market her White Shield due to the fact that it’ll be useful for anear future alchemy recipe. Buy Hero a Mythril Helm come boot.

Before you go on, throw thefollowing items into the alchemy pot to develop the complying with items:

Mighty Armlet x 2 + BanditMail=Gigant Armor.

Dark Empycchu ~ human being ofDarkness

Throw the following materialsinto the alchemy pot to produce the following:

Hades Helm + Saint’sAshes=Mythril Helm

Mythril Helm + Cowpat + FreshMilk=Raging Bull Helm

Make Yangus a Raging BullHelm, he’ll be able to benefit from the extra protection I insurance it.

Orkutsk ~ The Return

Return come Orkutsk and tellMarek that you damaged Leopold. In so doing, he’ll reward her victory with 4leaves the nook grass. I know its unethical to lie come the man around slaying hismother’s killer, however with the nook grass girlfriend can develop a powerful armor because that Jessicaso it’s worth lying v your this this one time in the surname of alchemy.

Next, go out and also get thematerials necessary for the alchemy pot then go back to Empycchu in the civilization ofLight i m sorry is where you need to be and create the following items:

Magical cap + Scholar’sSpecs=Scholar’s Cap

Magic Vestment + Scholar’sCap=Sage’s Robe

Sage’s Robe + Nook Grass +Magic Water=Crimson Robe

Gold Nugget + silver- Tiara +Thinking Cap=Golden Tiara

Don’t market the Saint’s Ashesthat friend have since you’ll have the ability to make Jessica’s ultimate helm v it ina little while.

Godbird’s Eyrie ~ civilization ofLight

After you’ve acquired theOrichalcum climate you deserve to leave because it is the an extremely last items to be foundhere. After you walk the end of here, litter the following into the alchemy pot:

Rusty Old knife + Slime Crown+ Orichalcum=Liquid steel Sword

Tryan Gully

Scour the city for items andlearn everything there is to around this wonderful human being then conference thematerials to throw right into the alchemy pot to do the complying with items:

Amor Seco essence + MagicWater + winter Shield=Silver Shield

Liquid metal Armor + SlimeCrown + Orichalcum=Metal King Armor

Dangerous Bustier + ShimmeringDress=Divine Bustier

Holy Water + White Shield +Mirror Shield=Saintess Shield

Skull Helm + Saint’s Ashes=SunCrown

Cloak of Evasion + Devil’sTail + wing of Bat=Dark Robe

Dark Robe + iron Headgear=PhantomMask

Don’t market the sacred Armorbecause it’s good for backup armor, purchase Angelo the winter Armor. I wouldn’tsell the sacred Armor yet keeping it in situation of an emergency is highlyrecommended.

Don’t do Hero a SilverShield rather keep the Ogre Shield equipped on him due to the fact that shortly after ~ youboard the black color Citadel, you’re walk to make his can be fried shield, the MetalKing Shield. Also, whatever you do or nothing do, don’t offer the Ruinous Shieldbecause it’s among the 3 elements that’s necessary to develop Hero’s metal KingShield. Friend don’t have to sell the Flametang Boomerang if you don’t want to,you deserve to keep it as a back-up weapon, yet if you not working on the Boomerangskill set then it’s not necessary. Your choice.

Pre last Battle

Before you confront Rhapthorne forthe final time and before friend report earlier to Empyrea, litter the following intothe alchemy pot:

Ruinous Shield + Orichalcum +Saint’s Ashes=Metal King Shield

Dragovian Sanctuary~The Return

After getting all of thevillagers’ approvals and also congrats on stomping a mudhole in your boss, acquire theArgon Ring and hold ~ above it. Now, at this point, you deserve to do the DragovianTrials if you want to, I would at least do it because that the Alchemy Pot update andgetting part cool stuff for Hero yet that’s if you desire to, friend don’t have actually to.You pretty lot have whatever you require to get the second ending for this reason it’s increase toyou if you want to stay in the village and execute the trials yet its not required. But,whatever girlfriend do, take this time and also create a shield upgrade for Angelo:

Thanatos’ Shield + Saint’s Ashes = Goddess Shield

Stick come the manuscript so come speak

Despite the reality that there space a the majority of items to createusing the Dragon quest 8 Alchemy Recipes, but as ns wrote, stick come the script.Simply, don’t deviate from what I have written here because I deserve to tell you fromexperience that you won’t get any better that the tools that I have actually listed.Honestly, yes no factor to yes, really deviate from this since you’re walk tohave the best armor and weapons money can buy in the game.

I want to go on document as saying the you won’t gain much better than the gear I have actually mentioned in my short article here so. Think around it!

Don’t do the wrong of making weaker crap unless its needed

One point I used to do with the Dragon quest 8 Alchemy Recipes is producing weaker items and also gear then offering it, it’s an excellent and poor like a twin edge sword. Good, in the regard the you’ll have actually extra money to buy everything you require when you require it. Bad, that time-consuming and ultimately unnecessary hence the double edge knife concept.

Another factor why this is unnecessary is because by the moment you touch under in Argonia, you’re going to offer off every little thing you don’t require anyway once you’ve developed the equipment that’s discussed so no should waste time make the efforts to produce every solitary piece the gear.

World Map Treasures

Many that the items and gear the you find that’ll go toward every one of the Dragon quest 8 Alchemy Recipe can be found in the form of the civilization Map prizes which are items the you uncover on the world map as you travel, they every play a component but the necessary thing is to organize onto it till you require it or its needed at a later.


Dragon pursuit 8 Alchemy Recipes literally offers you thousandsof item to produce via recipes and some the those items can be uncovered via human being MapTreasures, however when friend find an item or a specific recipe that I have actually mentionedthen stick come the script and also you’ll be fine. Don’t acquire consumed through trying tocreate weaker gear that you can sell, it’s good if you need money buttime-consuming and ultimately not worth it if you have actually a stronger kind ofprotection.

So what space your think on my post, like it, not choose itor just level out bad? leaving me a message and also I’ll get ago to friend later. Thankyou and also Happy gaming.

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