Everyone is Surprised! Goten and Trunks’ super Battle!みんなビックリ!悟天とトランクスの超バトル!!Min’na Bikkuri! Goten to Toranksu no Chō Batoru!!

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I'm not certain why Videl is for this reason shocked the Gohan intended his seven-year-old brothers to win. She's seen Gohan punch with steel plate and catch bullets as good Saiyaman, expecting his brothers to it is in inhumanly solid isn't unreasonable.

Hell, she's viewed Goten punch rocks apart. She knows he's no on a normal person level.

Something that occurs to me though. Did we obtain to check out Gohan and Videl do their beat tests in the original series? i wouldn't expect anything the Gohan, given that he's an excellent at hold back, but Videl would be interesting. She doesn't establish she's stronger than her father, for this reason watching her try to rationalize a higher score would certainly be funny.

Did anyone capture Goku call Trunks, 'mini Trunks'???

I had to go earlier in replay it. I assumed that was a cute moment seeing as the last time son ogong was around, that was v Future Trunks in ~ the cell Games.

I don't recognize yet if I favor the brand-new voice for the stupid mom. I certainly like the conversation though. "Well ns never..."

Yeah actually. Laura Bailey is Trunks' usual voice actress, however she declined the duty in Super due to the fact that the Trunks voice is nice strenuous on she voice, so she was replaced by Alexis Tipton.

I couldn't phone call the distinction when I observed the very first episode the Super but watching Kai weekly has really emphasize the differences in between the two.

Not just you. It's to be that method in the new Kai and also Super. Either Cynthia's changed it intentionally or her voice just aged.

This illustration is various from the Japanese Kai version. In that, the fight with Goten and Trunks finishes. Any kind of reason to the difference?

This is defined in the "commonly request questions" section of the OP.

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Q: What is Kai? just how is it different from Z? and also why room there 2 episode numbers?Dragon sphere Kai (called Dragon round Z Kai by FUNimation) is a condensed relax of Z that attempts to monitor the manga much more closely; the series was reduced from 291 episodes to 167, or 159 because that the Japanese version which pared 8 more episodes native the worldwide version the the Boo arc, hence the double episode numbers.The animation is the exact same footage because that the many part, but it is remastered and also occasionally touch up. The dub recordings are entirely brand-new in Japanese and English, largely with the same cast in both languages, and also the FUNimation version in details is a significant improvement both in regards to translation accuracy and also voice acting. A couple of major personalities were recast, notably: son Gohan, Bulma, Freeza, and #18.