Since couple of weeks, I have actually been studying Assembly Language Programming, today I mounted all the crucial applications come compile one assembly program.

I download DOSBox 0.74, NASM (Assembler), and AFD (Debugger). Ns mount the drive and also see my .asm files correctly. Yet when ns execute the adhering to command:

nasm firstprogram.asm -o

it gives me the adhering to error: This program cannot be operation in dos mode

But once I translate in the record through command note (cmd) it compiles corrrectly and also then I have to go to DOSBox to operation AFD and debug the .com file.

Any idea why am I acquiring this error top top DOSBox?



If you"re executing nasm within of DOSBox, then what happens is nice straightforward...

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You"ve been lied by compatibility layers!

If you view the details that the Portable Executable format (a.k.a: the internal layout of .exes, .dlls, and .coms (those last used to use the common Object document Format)), you"ll notification there"s something dubbed the MS-DOS stub header. It"s purpose is to display screen the post "This regime cannot be run in DOS mode" on 16-bit real mode operating systems, such together MS-DOS, as to inform the user the the program is not compatible v the oldish system.

This method that you"re to run a Windows nasm ~ above a MS-DOS (virtual) platform. Shot using the DOS binaries instead and you must be fine.


You downloaded the variation that operation in Windows. When you open up a brochure of a details version, there room subdirectories for miscellaneous OS.

For example, here:

If friend download the one from /dos folder friend will be able to run it in DOSBox, yet if girlfriend download the one in /win32 folder, you will certainly only have the ability to run that from Windows.


Probably you room doing so called console application. It operation on console, however requires windows 95 or never ever under the hood, largely for fat32 support.


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