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Spring is lastly here. And I’m acquiring my wardrobe ready for another season. Something around cleaning the end your closet that provides you feeling so refreshed… Anyway, ns noticed I was in dire need of new summer shoes. So, ns did what any kind of other girl would do. Ns went on a shopping main actor and, among other things, I obtained me a pair the Tory Burch Miller sandals and also I would favor to share mine thoughts through you ~ above it.

First, permit me simply say, I’m fully aware this shoes have been about for years and also they have actually been quite famous as well. So, I understand I’m not being precisely a trendsetter here. Yet the thing is, I’ve never ever actually tried castle — until now.

I’ve lengthy admired Tory Burch’s sandals native a distance. The medallion logo cutout on the top combined with the advanced flip-flop look, it’s very alluring indeed. Yet the price tag make me put off my acquisition until now. Mainly due to the fact that when I compared them to comparable shoes, ns didn’t see much of a difference that justified the price tag. Also, ns wasn’t certain if they to be going to it is in comfortable.

I’ve to buy designer pair of shoes in the past. Many them. However, my suffer was disappointing, to say the least. Aesthetically speaking, they to be beautiful, no doubt, and also the quality of materials much superior than mass-produced ones. But many of them were no comfortable. The alone do me placed off buying one more designer shoes again for a while. I simply didn’t see the point.

But ns was willing to provide these ones a try. Mainly since the müller sandals didn’t seem to gain away from my mind. Maybe since they maintained popping increase on mine Instagram feed. So, ns finally made decision to spend the money if they didn’t sacrifice comfort because that style.

Because Tory Burch Millers space flats, i knew there to be a good chance they might be comfortable. However the thing around shoes is, girlfriend never understand if you’re walk to favor them unless you shot them.

Initially, i was thinking around getting lock online. However ultimately determined that going to a store in human being was the best way to go. Which brings me come my very first point:

Where have the right to I shop for Tory Burch müller shoes?

If you’re all set to traction the create or just home window shopping, friend can uncover them at plenty of online stores. Nordstrom, Zappos, Amazon, simply to surname a few, and of food the Tory Burch itself.

Do Tory Burch Millers ever before go ~ above sale?

Because this shoes room so coveted, they rarely go top top sale. But don’t fret. Occasionally you’ll be able to score a big discount as part department shop prepare to receive new models. How huge of a discount girlfriend ask? We’re talking between 20% and also 30%.

Nordstrom, for instance, has actually a big clearance occasion from time come time (especially in-between seasons). For this reason you need to be ~ above the lookout because that them.

Also, be ready to be versatile on the color and also model if you want that big of a discount. The ones readily available at a sale event are very limited in choice.

So the bottom heat is this: if you’re patient and also flexible, yes, it’s possible to score a an excellent deal top top a Tory Burch miller Sandal. What is that old saying again? “good things pertained to those that wait” or something favor that…

Anyway, if you’re not very big on patience and also you just want the now, you can also shot to gain them at a discount in areas like Shopbop, designer outlets, and at pre-loved designer label stores such as Poshmark and also The genuine Real.

Now let’s talk around the shoe itself!


My shade preference was for naked shades. I want something functional that i wouldn’t need to worry about styling it so much, but I didn’t desire to go with a basic color either together as black color or white.

I liked their brown color which Tory Burch phone call “Vintage Vachetta” (which is not so dark together browns go) and also the lighter neutral version which they call it “Light do Up”. The last is more of a light pink but still falling on the neutral side. Both beautiful colors. Ns was torn between the two.

Vintage Vachetta Shop here

Light consist of Shop here

Eventually, I finished up going through the darker brown version, due to the fact that I already had a similar shoe in a lighter color.

What very first drew me to this shoe to be the idea that they room a dressier version of continuous flip flops. This means they can be used with dresses, shorts, skirts, and pants.

They’re tho casual sufficient that you i will not ~ look overdressed however a little bit dressier than constant flip flops therefore you can wear lock for day night but likewise shopping, running errands, and also to a beach vacation. Component of the factor they space so an excellent for warmer seasons prefer Spring and also Summer.

Versatility was crucial for me. These shoes scored huge points in this category.

Now let’s talk around wearability.

Are lock comfortable?

Short answer, yes. The Tory Burch Miller has a easy padded footbed which renders them very comfortable. It’s made with genuine leather which provides them long lasting as well.

I wore them much more than a couple of times already since my purchase and also I had actually no trouble with them hurting mine feet — which wake up a lot with other flat sandals. I can currently tell they will certainly be great for sightseeing on my following vacation.

How perform they fit?

Tory Burch says they to the right true to size. I chose to walk to the store and also see it for myself. Periodically designer shoes run a tiny smaller also if they space TTS. Component of the factor why decided to walk to the store rather of buying lock online.

When i tried them, they go fit my consistent shoe size, yet there wasn’t much room left. Ns a dimension 7. Ns tried both 7 and 7.5 and ultimately made decision to go through 7.5 for comfort and a little bit the extra room. The turned the end to it is in a an excellent decision.

Are they precious the money?

That relies on a variety of components such together your lifestyle and also your budget. They room not cheap at $198 a pair. But to identify if they space worth your money, you have to take right into account, realistically, exactly how much use you will gain out of this shoes, and also then division it by the cost to check out if they room worth your money.

My main issue with these shoes was if they were going to it is in comfortable. Because my purchase, i wore them on 5 various occasions, and I had actually no troubles as far as hurting mine feet — which speak me castle are great for long walks.

I live in Los Angeles, which has actually nice weather year-round. Due to the fact that I live in a heat climate, I have the right to see myself attract them an extremely frequently. For me and my lifestyle, ns think they were a good investment. The versatility and also practicality of this shoes are definitely worth the money because that me.

Final Words

Overall, ns think Tory Burch müller is a an excellent staple shoe to have in her closet, particularly for warmer seasons. They’re comfortable and stylish and they go through virtually anything.

If she on the fence about buying this shoes prefer I was – I highly recommend girlfriend buy them. Friend won’t remorse it.


A little tip: If it’s your first time, i recommend going with either a neutral or simple color. If you’re in in between sizes walk up a size. That will certainly ensure you’ll obtain a most use the end of them.

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