Boruto ultimately Introduces Naruto's many Underrated - and also Ominous - update Boruto illustration 179 finally reveals Naruto"s most underrated upgrade. Unfortunately, it"s one the sets up part heartbreaking events.

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Naruto Vs Sasuke
WARNING: The following includes spoilers because that Boruto: Naruto following Generations episode 179, "Victor"s Scheme."

Naruto concluded a shocking note as Naruto and Sasuke, thanks to their Rasengan and Chidori respectively, shed their hand in the last battle. As both place on the ground, missing their limbs, somehow they had actually time come joke around their previous as lock finally buried the hatchet. It to be a an allegory for the sacrifice it took to defeat Kaguya and also reset the shinobi world, knowledge they essential to put petty distinctions aside.

Now, in Boruto: Naruto next Generation Episode 179, Naruto"s missing hand is lastly addressed --and it comes courtesy of one underrated, and also ominous, upgrade.

Sasuke never replaced his left arm, lost throughout the 4th Shinobi people War. Instead, he started to use his katana an ext and perfect his other techniques. It was a reminder of just how much he essential to atone because that attacking Konoha. In contrast, Naruto"s eight was recreated making use of Hashirama"s cells, however bandaged to stop looking prefer the evil White Zetsu.

However, in Boruto episode 179, Katasuke, head that Konoha"s science division, meets Naruto and also Shikamaru, and presents the perfected prosthetic arm. He considers the his biggest invention, since it"s with splash to Naruto"s chakra, not basic feat considering Naruto has actually Kurama, the Nine-Tails Fox, inside him. This means Naruto have the right to harness all of his strength as if it to be his genuine hand -- which leaves Katasuke glowing, because he has actually to make up for gift brainwashed through a mysterious adversary into leaking Konoha"s secrets throughout Boruto"s exams.

Naruto is excited that he have the right to spar through Boruto and also feel choose the good old work again. To him, it"s not simply a prototype, yet a memento of his past. In the manga, this brand-new arm permitted him come fight as normal. However, this additionally foreshadows death and destruction. In the manga, Katasuke gives Kawaki another prototype that this, and also Naruto lends the son chakra to remain healthy and for the arm to remain attached. It"s ironic since the anime now has actually Kawaki being uncovered by Konoha.

The Boruto manga storyline entails Jigen making use of Naruto"s chakra signature and connecting it to Kawaki"s arm. This arm would help the villain track and locate Kawaki so he might teleport the kid and use him as a ship to it is in reborn in. For this reason while it seems all is well, this hand is going to location Kawaki in a really dark spot.

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Additionally, it"s likewise what cd driver a wedge between Naruto and also Boruto together Boruto gets jealous seeing his dad bond through Kawaki in a means they never ever did. Thus, together Katasuke celebrates his milestone, he has actually no clue his gift is going come upend Naruto"s world by tearing his household apart and inviting in his most dangerous enemy.