Have you wonder that that is the daughter that director/producer father, Stan Lathan? if friend guessed Sanaa is then yes you room right. She is non-other 보다 Sanaa Lathan who adheres to her parent’s footsteps and Native Son actress is thought about one of the much more talented artists in the business.

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To understand her exact yearly net worth, exact salary, bio, wiki and also real period scroll below our pages.

Biography that Sanaa Lathan

The talented American actress, voice actress to be born as Sanaa McCoy Lathan. Later, she got famed by her stage name Sanaa Lathan. She celebrates her birthday each year on September 19. In 1971 she was born in New York City the United says of America.

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The beautiful American actress had actually do9ne she schooling from among the schools of brand-new York. After perfect her school level he to be enrolled in the university of California at Berkeley where she learned English. She had additionally attended Manhattan facility for Science and also Mathematics. She obtained masters bring about which she graduated v drama indigenous Yale University.

The sizzling actress to be rewarded with many awards and also nominations. She had likewise received 2016NAACP picture Award for Oustanding Actress in a Motion picture for her duty in The fantastic Guy. She is likewise a winner of the NAACP photo Award and also a gambling Award because that her duty in the romantic drama Love & Basketball (2000).

Married or Dating? find out her relationship

The beautiful actress is famed for she acting and her personality. Her name was added with numerous A-Listers like Denzel Washington, Tyrese Gibson, and also French Montana, none of them panned the end well.

While she famous and the most significant relationship was through the Love & Basketball co-actor Omar Epps in 1999.


Caption: In the re-union of renowned flick “Love & Basketball” Sanaa & Omar, 2015.(Credit:eonline)

As of 2019, she has actually not shared any photos and status regarding her love life. It seems that she is currently solitary and no dating anyone. We hope she will meet someone whom she can accomplish her ideal type very soon.

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Family life that Sanaa Lathan

She is the daughter of Eleanor McCoy and also Stan Lathan. Her mom used to it is in an actress and dancer who performed on Broadway with Eartha Kitt if her mother used occupational behind the scenes in television for PBS, and also a producer on mirrors such as Sanford & Son and Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam. She has a brother that is a famous DJ.

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