- The blogger doesn't believe she looks favor the singer, yet her Instagram photos betray her

Have you ever bsci-ch.orgme throughout two unrelated people who look so much alike that world mistake one for the other? that is exactly what’s walking on between Rihanna and also Andele Lara.

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As you already know, Rihanna is the singer. Andele Lara, on the various other hand, is the founder of Grow and Glow blog. Yet put this two with each other in a photo and also you will not be able to identify that is who.

Lara, the blogger, to be recently lugged into the photo by Patrick Starrr, assembly artist. He posted a teaser assembly tutorial because that Fenty, special Rihanna.

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Photo: patrickstarrr/Instagram.

And as soon as the reality was revealed, anyone went bonkers. The resemblance between these two warm girls is bewildering – you will be forgiven to mistake lock for similar twins.

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Lara, however, doesn't believe she look at so much like the ‘Umbrella’ singer.

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“Rihanna look at alike? Yes, over there is a little resemblance to Rihanna. Yet NO; i am no a Rihanna lookalike,” she says on her website.

Be the judge!

Rihanna Look-A-Like: people Keep Mistaking Young Lady for Rihanna - on bsci-ch.org TV

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