Mitosis and meiosis space both processes through which cells reproduce, however there are unique differences between the two. While new cells room generated throughout mitosis, meiosis is a special type of cell department that produce sex cells for reproduction. The two processes were found by various scientists. Meiosis was found by German biologist Oscar Hertwig while German medical professional Walther Flemming is attributed with the discovery of mitosis.

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The function of the Reproduction

Only sexually reproductive organisms utilize meiosis. The function of the procedure is to develop sex cells and also to repair genetic defects in germ line cells (the sex cells).

Both sexual and also asexual biology go with the procedure of mitosis. It wake up in the cell of the body well-known as the somatic cells and produces cells regarded growth and repair. Mitosis is important for asexual reproduction, regeneration, and growth. The does not make sex cell or gametes.

Number the Daughter Cells

In meiosis, four haploid cells containing fifty percent the lot of chromosomes are produced at the end of the process.

Alternatively, two diploid cells, containing two sets the chromosomes, are produced as a result of mitosis.

Composition the the Daughter Cells

The daughter cells developed at the end of meiosis are fully different from the original parent cell and they encompass a mix the both the maternal and paternal genes, leading to genetic diversity during sexual reproduction.

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The daughter cells developed in mitosis room genetically the very same as the initial parent cell.

Phases the Reproduction that the Cells

Meiosis has actually two phases for the reproduction of cells which outcomes in there being 2 cell divisions. The first phase contains prophase ns - throughout which the most vital events the meiosis occur, metaphase I, anaphase I, telophase I, and cytokinesis. Throughout the second phase, these processes repeat again through the cells that were created at the end of the first phase.

In mitosis, the cell divide only once and also this is via one step which includes steps such together prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and cytokinesis.

Pairing of Homologues

Meiosis involves the pairing the homologues, chromosomes similar to other chromosomes, conversely, mitosis involves no pairing the homologues.

Differences in Anaphase

During the anaphase that meiosis, the sisters chromatids perform not separate. In anaphase I, the chromosomes are double-stranded and in Anaphase II, lock are single stranded.

During anaphase in mitosis, the sisters chromatids execute separate in ~ the centromeres and also the chromosomes are single stranded.

Differences in Telophase

In mitosis, the spindle fibres recede completely during telophase, yet this is not the case with telophase i of meiosis. Additionally the nucleoli reappear in mitosis but not in meiosis.

Mixing of Chromosomes

In meiosis, the chromosomes cross over resulting in mixing. Mitosis, top top the various other hand, does no involve crossing end of the chromosomes.


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