ns heard "Christ" isn"t the last name He acquired from His parents. Is the true? does He have actually a critical name?

If the does not have actually a critical name, then exactly how does the work? If that wasn"t His last name, and there were other people named Jesus, then just how could world even know which Jesus human being were talking about?

Please describe this to me in basic to know way, choose if i am young.

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Surnames didn"t exist in Jesus" day.

People typically referred to someone by referring to their parentage. Therefore Jesus would have actually most likely been described as "Jesus child of Joseph" or "Jesus son of Mary", lot in the same means as Peter was described as "Simon, kid of Jonah" in Matthew 16:17 and also "James boy of Zebedee" in mark 3:17.

While nobody is completely sure once the ide of the appropriate surname began, one guess, at the very least for English speakers, is about the 13th or 14th century.


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Jesus had actually no last name. Christ is a title the was offered to Him. As provided in various other questions, "Christ" comes from the Greek native "Christos", which is the translate in of the Hebrew indigenous "Meshiach", indigenous which we derive the word "Messiah". So, "Messiah" and "Christ" space transliterated words because that the same thing. These words median "anointed one" in their initial languages.

Last surname or household names likely had their origin England around 800 years ago, but this to be not common in Jewish cultures in the work of Jesus.

However, over there were sometimes distinctions produced individuals based on their city of origin or residence. Jesus was sometimes referred to as "Jesus that Nazareth". The was not born there, of course, but that is the location Mary and Joseph live after your return native Egypt. (Jesus to be born in Bethlehem.)

Incidentally, this to be the reason of part confusion around whether or not Jesus can be the Messiah, due to the fact that the human being knew the the Messiah would certainly come from Bethlehem and not Nazareth, although an additional prophecy suggested that He would be called a Nazarene.

As David Morton noted, world were also distinguished by their parentage. This is seen in Simon Peter, in particular, who Jesus referred to as "Simon, boy of John".

He brought him come Jesus. Jesus looked in ~ him and also said, “You are Simon the kid of John. Friend shall be referred to as Cephas” (which way Peter). Man 1:42 ESV

In man 1:45, we find both of these distinctions in Philip"s referral to Jesus:

Philip found Nathanael and also said come him, “We have found him of whom Moses in the legislation and additionally the prophets wrote, Jesus of Nazareth, the son that Joseph.” man 1:45 ESV

Finally, Jesus was likewise distinguished through his trade. That was known as a rabbi or teacher.

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So, over there was tiny need come distinguish between other civilization with comparable names when referring to the "rabbi called Jesus", come "Jesus of Nazareth", or come "Jesus, the child of Joseph".