for example, if a Pokémon supplied Hypnosis (a Psychic-type move) top top a Dark-type Pokémon, would certainly the Dark-type Pokémon have actually a opportunity to loss asleep?



Yes. Hypnosis works on Dark-type Pokémon. Similarly, Roar functions on Ghost-type Pokémon and Sand assault works top top Flying-type Pokémon. The immunities space to attack moves, not condition moves.

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An exception to this is the Thunder tide does not work-related on Ground-type Pokémon. However, that is an exemption rather 보다 a rule.


Because you"ve tagged this Pokemon series and no a particular game, we have to talk around Gen 1.

Specifically, this post:

In Gen 1, in order to password Fire varieties immunity to Burn, or Ice species immunity come freeze, lock exploited the truth (perhaps shortsightedly) that only Fire kind attacks inflict Burn, only Ice form attacks inflict freeze, etc. They simply made every Fire kind Pokemon immune to status effects applied to Fire varieties attacks. However, they did this because that every type.

What this way is that Normal type Pokemon space immune to status effects caused by Normal kind attacks, Ground types are immune come status results caused through Ground form moves, etc. Together the short article demonstrates, Normal kind Pokemon can not be Paralyzed by body Slam.

So, in Gen 1, Pokemon are immune to status effects caused by moves that are the same form as the Pokemon.

This is fixed in all various other Generations.

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