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Amex market Dollar General

This morning American Express released another good Amex Offer. The offer gives a $5 statement credit after spending $25 or much more in-store in ~ Dollar basic or Dollar basic Market. While the isn’t as an excellent as the several of the recent offers like clever & Final, that still has actually some potential.

Before I show you which gift cards space available, allows take a watch at just how to register, the terms and also my experience purchasing cards today.

How come register:


This offer was available on all of my cards via the “Offers for You” tab of the American refer website. Together of now there isn’t a Twitter hashtag because that it, however a few people have reported you deserve to sync that via on facebook as well.

Update: You deserve to now register for this sell via Twitter as well by tweeting #AmexDollarGen.


My Experience


I knew i was walking to be in the area that a Dollar general Market, therefore I chose to prevent in. An initial I had the ability to confirm the this details store doesn’t enable credit cards to be supplied for the purchase of cash equivalents, but does enable credit cards for merchant gift cards.

The Dollar general I visited wasn’t in the best area and I obtain the feeling that it was much more a store particular policy quite than a chain vast policy. Either way, I made decision to test the offer by purchasing a $50 restaurant gift card that I recognize my household will use. As soon as I gained to the register I was able to succesfully fee $25 to one card and $25 to the second card by separating the transaction.

Within five minutes the walking the end of the store, I received the “Congratulations” email confirming that the offer had worked. I had actually just obtained 20% turn off of the challenge value that the gift card purchased. Whatever worked exactly as it should have!

Cards Available

The save I visited had actually two gift card racks. Ns am posting image of every one of the gift cards being sold, however here space the highlights:

$25 Vanilla Visa v a $3.95 fee$50 Vanilla Visa with a $4.95 feeVariable Vanilla vi (up to $500) with a $4.95 fee$25 covering Gift CardsVariable load Amazon gift cards (up to $500)$50 BP Gift Cards

The save does also carry Greendot Money Paks and Vanilla Reloads, yet it is my expertise that the it is registered are tough coded versus accepting credit transaction cards for payments.

Good Strategy

I wasn’t maybe to confirm how many cards deserve to be provided to salary in a details transaction (the cashier had actually never done more than 2), but the best way to maximize would certainly be to use as plenty of cards come pay. For example, if a save would allow you to purchase a $500 One Vanilla Visa with allows say 10 cards, climate you would make $45.05 top top the acquisition after the $4.95 fee. If for some reason you could separation it 20 ways, climate you would certainly make $95.

Of course there is a most opportunity with seller gift cards together well. There to be variable fill cards native Amazon, home Depot and also other merchants that might be loaded and also paid for through a lesser lot of cards. Together always, recognize a seller you constant anyway is a great strategy, because you basically gain 20% off.

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Gift card Photos

Now right here is what you space waiting for, the photos. Please feel totally free to leave your experiences in the comments! Happy saving.