The 10 Best Episodes Of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (According To IMDb) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was a much more faithful adaptation on the manga when compared to the 2003 anime. Here are its best episodes.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a masterpiece that depicts the story of the young brothers, Alphonse and Edward Elric. Edward and Alphonse lost their mother to sickness and, sometime before that, their father, Hohenheim, randomly took off on a journey and never came back. This tragic loss led to Edward attempting human transmutation, Alchemy"s greatest sin.

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This sin cost him a leg and his brother, Alphonse"s entire body, yet still, he failed to get his mother back. Edward managed to sacrifice an arm to bring back his brother"s soul and bonded it to a fully plated metal armor. The boys then join the Amestris Military as state Alchemists in order to aid their search for away to get their bodies back to normal.

This episode is packed with twist and turns. As the homunculi continue their plan to resurrect Father, Mustang arrives with allies to stop the plan. They manage to temporarily bring the plan to a pause, but King Bradley suddenly shows up and turns the tides. He manages to pin Mustang down and this allows Envy to force Mustang into performing human transmutation. After Mustang is sent back from the Gate of Truth, Edward notices that he lost his sight. The episode then ends on Alphonse making a beautiful sacrifice, giving up the chance to get his body back and, instead, stay in his armored self, which he believes is the best body he can use to be of help to his friends.

After Father"s transmutation, almost all of the 50 million citizens in Amestris lay dead. Through that sacrifice, Father has acquired the power of "God" and is now able to create a sun within the palm of his hands. Soon after, it is revealed that Van Hohenheim has been preparing for this moment for much of his life, and he immediately counters Father"s Alchemy. This returns the citizens of Amestris to life, much to everyone"s relief. With a bit of divine intervention, Scar is able defeat King Bradley, which gives him time to cast a spell that would evetually change the tide of battle. We end the episode on Edward Elric defeating pride, before setting off to continue his fight against Father.

After Scar murders another State Alchemist, panic begins to spread amongst the citizens and Alchemists alike. After successfully completing their mission, the Elric brothers report to Mustang, who quickly points them in the direction of someone who might be capable of assisting with their search for the Philosopher"s Stone. This is where we get introduced to one of anime"s most hated men, Shou Tucker. After years of failure to improve upon his Chimera research, Shou decides to use his daughter and dog in his unforgivable experiment. He manages to create another Chimera, much to his pleasure. Shou Tucker is confronted and beaten by Edward before Scar later hunts him down and kills him.

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News of a coup sends the country into a meltdown and, with the citizens in a panic, Mustang"s team get into a radio station. From there, they inform the citizens of the truth behind the current state of the country. This news manages to calm the public down a bit, but news of betrayal and the possible death of King Bradley worries them even more. It is then revealed that Mustang spent much time tracking down his killer. When he confronts Envy, he finally finds out the truth behind Hughes" death. Enraged by the role Envy played in his friend"s death, Roy does his best to incinerate Envy. Envy quickly notices the danger he is in and attempts to flee. But no matter where he flees to, Roy manages to track him down.

The finale of Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood begins with Roy Mustang dutily studying about Ishvalan culture, as he promises to help them rebuild their society. Dr. Marcoh turns up with a philosopher"s stone and offers to use it on Mustang, so he can regain his vision. Back in their hometown, Al and Edward are reunited with an emotional Winry Rockbell. The episode does a good job of highlighting what the characters of the main cast have been doing since Father"s defeat, whilst also showing the audience the path each character plans to follow moving foward. This episode concludes the stellar series in a rewarding manner.


The battles draw closer to their conclusions as both parties begin to suffer more and more from injuries. King Bradley and Scar are going head to head in an exciting battle to the death. Elsewhere, Edward, Greed, Alphonse, May and Izumi team up to do battle against Father and Pride. They quickly realise how strong Father is as he defeats May in one hit. He can use alchemy without even needing to move. He pins them down and is then able to open the gate of the entire world. As this is happening, people around the world suddenly begin to die as their souls serve as the catalyst for Father"s transmutation.

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A vengeful Roy Mustang continues to attack the cornered Envy relentlessly. As Hawkeye watches on, she can"t help but imagine the agony that Mustang must be feeling. After longing to bring justice to Hughes" muderer, this was all they have longed for, but as the homunculus screams in agony, something doesn"t quite feel right. The more Roy attacked in anger is the more he loses himself. Realizing this, Hawkeye tries desperately to stop him. With the words of Edward and Scar, she"s finally able to talk some sense into him and he releases Envy. In a last gasp attempt, Envy tries to get the humans to turn on themselves, but they don"t. Edward then notices that, despite his behavior, Envy was most jealous of humans, so this sends Envy over the edge. The episode then wraps up on the Armstrong siblings, as they attempt to take over Central.


As Father is about to wipe out a section of the Amestris army, Hohenheim arrives and saves them. He"s not able to hold him off for too long, but in the short time that he does, the soldiers manage to find a moment to counterattack. They launch waves of missiles and bullets at Father but not a single one does damage. Despite this, they continue attacking him in hopes that his continued use of alchemy will deplete the remaining energy in his philosopher"s stone. Father counters with an attack of his own and it was strong enough to level half of Central"s main building. After this attack, Edward gets impaled in the left arm. Noticing Father moving in for the kill, Alphonse sacrifices himself to give Edward a chance to fight back. Edward then uses this opportunity to launch a barrage of attacks at Father, taking him down in the process.

After being beaten down by Edward, Father begins to panic. In his panic, he hastily tries to attack Greed in order to absorb the power of his philopher"s stone. He manages to do this, but in the process, Greed used his power to turn Father"s body into a frail and weakened version of itself. This gives Edward the opportunity to finally defeat Father once and for all. As the battle concludes, the episode shifts focus to retrieving Alphonse"s body from the Gate of Truth. After deliberation, Edward decides to sacrifice is alchemy and, in doing so, he manages to save his brother. The episode then ends with the death of a happy Van Hohenheim, as he thanks his wife and sons for bringing joy to his life.

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As Alphonse continues the search for the mysterious lab, Lieutenant Hawkeye does battle with the homunculus, Gluttony, in another location. Gluttony"s regenerative abilities make him exceptionally hard to kill and he eventually corners Hawkeye. When this happens, Mustang and Fuery rush in and managed to save her. Alphonse then joins up with this group and they continue their mission. At this point, Roy and Havoc are confronted by Lust, who nearly kills them. Lust then moves on and attempts to kill both Alphonse and Hawkeye but, just before she can, an injured Mustang manages to incinerate her.