The NBC struggle show"s costume designer, Erin Hirsh, offers us the 411 throughout our tourism of the singing competition"s closet.

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“When we first started out, the was like anarchy,” claims costume designer Erin Hirsh through a laugh together she recalled acquiring organized because that The Voice‘s first season in 2011. “We didn’t have actually a residence for anything, specifically in my department. The first season we would certainly literally need to shuttle every our contestants’ wardrobe come the stage.”

Nine seasons and a couple of hotel rooms provided as dressing rooms later, Hirsh states with a smile and also sigh that relief, “We’ve come a long way.” Now, The Voice‘s closet an are includes two sizable rooms that space covered through racks of clothes, shoes and also accessories. Hirsh also has her own spacious office. Over there you can uncover a rack the men’s apparel for referee Blake Shelton; mood boards; duplicates of Vogue‘s October and also November issues starring Lupita Nyong’o and also Angelina Jolie, respectively, on her desk; and also a vintage framed photo of she grandmother hung on the wall.

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“She was a model and also a textile designer in the ‘30s in brand-new York, and also just had a love that fashion,” Hirsh explains of her grandma, Frances. “I just soaked up that.”

Though Hirsh’s expert background remained in dance, it was she conversations through her grandmother about performance costumes that made her realize her various other passion: creating clothes. “I just always found that i perked up whenever it concerned that element,” she shares.

Fast forward to today, Hirsh has found success in becoming a costume designer and stylist — she’s designed on stage outfits for several of music’s best names consisting of Kanye West, Rihanna and also Janelle Monae, and has earned two Emmy nominations because that her occupational on The Voice.


With the NBC present broadcasting every Monday and Tuesday once it’s ~ above the air, it doesn’t leave much time because that Hirsh to develop looks for her contestants. “We obtain our an innovative brief Wednesday, shop that Thursday, fit on Friday and then we’re in dress rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday,” claims the Los Angeles native. “It’s fast and furious.”

By now, however, Hirsh and her team have end up being pros at quickly prepping onstage outfits for each season’s contestants. Prior to she starts dressing them for their first live performances, she sends them a one-page format sheet the asks their fashion and also music inspiration.

Since she doesn’t gain much time come custom architecture the ensembles — plenty of coming from Topshop, Zara, Nasty Gal, ASOS and Wasteland because that the ladies, and also Traffic because that the males — Hirsh prefers to include her very own spin come each item with embellishments such as adding sequins come the shoulder pads or adding a leather lapel to a blazer.

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“I’m always looking because that trim and adornment to do a store-bought item pop,” she says. “What I favor to do due to the fact that of our rapid turnaround is take it a piece and also embellish it, elevate it for stage. Anything that we can add is constantly a plus.”

While the process for dressing the men and women space similar, Hirsh shares the there room some differences. “With men, it’s really around impeccable tailoring. Every hem, rest in the pant — it’s all very thought out,” says the costume designer. “With women, ns think it’s an ext about the flash and also the bang.”

As season nine ends v Tuesday night’s two-hour live finale, Hirsh points come why she thinks the show has found much success: “Our production value, which i think is really high, and also I think there’s a positive facet that ns think civilization are tuning in for. You’re rooting because that them. Nobody is knocking anybody down.”

The Voice‘s season-nine winner will be announced tonight throughout the two-hour live finale top top NBCat 8 p.m. ET/PT.