Yes, Adventists do celebrate Easter in the same way most Protestant church would but it looks various from various other protestant in just how it is celebrated. Friday is still great Friday, but the Resurrection that Christ is known at church service on Sabbath (Saturday), rather of Sunday. Part Adventists may do other additional “celebrating” the Easter like egg hunts and also Easter baskets, yet not all. 

Historically: What happened?

Although the birth, crucifixion, and also resurrection the Jesus Christ is main to the confidence of every Christian denominations, not all Christian denominations practice timeless Christian holidays in the same manner. Plenty of Christians and non-believers ask, “do Adventists storage Easter?” The price is that most Seventh-day Adventists frequently do not celebrate Easter. There space two an easy reasons underlying this concept, one social and the other theological.

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Culturally speaking, the ancient Saxon tribes of northern Europe practiced a vacation they described as Eostre. This remained in honor the the germanic goddess of spring Eastra. Because that many ancient religions and cultures, spring is symbolic the rebirth, and also in the case of Eostre, rabbits and also hares were usual imagery the rebirth. 


By the middle of the 8 hours century, the Catholic church was firmly developed in England together these were several of the an initial Saxon people to convert to Christianity. Through this time, Easter as we recognize it this day was currently a social norm. It is not a large to assume that ancient missionaries drew parallels indigenous biblical theology to pagan beliefs and also traditions in order come make new converts.

 Of course, at an early stage Catholic management would have actually administered over important social holidays come ensure lock were practiced “properly.” that would appear that the Catholic church culturally fairytale a pagan holiday and Christianized it.

Now theologically speaking, and also this is a more important reason for Seventh-day Adventists, over there is no cite of words Easter in the Greek brand-new testament, no one its relation together a vacation to storage the resurrection of Christ. Because that Adventists, Easter, the holiday and the resurrection that Christ are two different things. 

Aside from gift baptized, there room no scriptural regulates or doctrines in the Bible about how to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. The Adventist debate would be that since Easter is not stated in the Bible, the is a cultural tradition and also not a spirituality practice. Together a result, some Adventists do not practice Easter, while most will perform in the same sense as most other protestant churches. .

What various other Religions Believe about Easter

But this put Seventh-day Adventists in the minority when compared to various other Christian denominations. Arguably, for many Christians, Easter continues to be the most essential day the the Christian calendar. Because that Catholics, Easter is really much component and parcel of the enthusiasm of Christ. The passion refers to the physics torture Christ withstood before and during his crucifixion.

 After all, the Catholic cross displays Christ together he was crucified. The good many protestant denominations, however, carry out not fixate nor display the passion favor the Catholic church. Protestants perform not downplay the passion, however focus on just how Christ to be resurrected, dominating death itself. For them, the resurrection is the most fundamental part of Easter due to the fact that it truly confirmed that Jesus was who He claimed to be.


Of course, a way observer might ask, “well Christmas also has pagan roots. Carry out Adventists storage Christmas?” This inquiry is answer by Ted N.C. Wilson, the current president that the basic Conference that the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

 He states, “s a church, we don’t have actually an official statement or place on celebrating Christmas, leaving it instead to the individual” In the very same article, that goes on to quote Ellen G. White, taken into consideration by some to be a prophet in beforehand Adventist church <“Letters of inspection have pertained to us asking, shall we have actually a Christmas tree? will certainly it no be favor the world? 

We answer, You have the right to make it choose the civilization if you have actually a disposition to do so, or you can make it together unlike the world as possible. There is no details sin in picking a fragrant evergreen and also placing that in our churches, but the sin lies in the engine which prompts to activity and the use which is made of the presents placed top top the tree.”>.

Do Adventists tell their children around the Easter Bunny?

Adventists would certainly tell their children that the Easter hare is a fictitious character. They might buy things that have the the Easter bunny on it, or they will not partake in the commercialism the the Easter holiday. The will rely on the individuals and also parents how they would certainly decide to talk about, encompass or exclude, the Easter bunny.

Do Adventists Drink wine on Easter?

No, Adventists who space strict to complying with the an essential beliefs will constantly abstain from any kind of alcohol use. The scriptures says to abstain native alcohol, since it have the right to cloud judgement.

Is it it s okay to provide an Adventist one Easter Basket?

Yes! Gift giving is constantly great. Who doesn’t love and appreciate a an excellent gift?

Why Adventists celebrate Easter

Ellen. G. White’s argument can be streamlined as participating in Christmas is no wrong, when those action come native a location of virtue. Seventh-day Adventists law the Easter season in a similar vein. Easter might not be “celebrated” in the timeless sense of the word, but it is quiet a time that ministry and to evangelize to others.

 At this time of year, Seventh-day Adventists show the world the hope of the resurrection. There is a growing variety of Seventh-day Adventist churches the are starting to hold Easter celebrations such together plays, musicals, and also visual stare scenes. 

For these churches, placing on a manufacturing of the passion that is entirely based on biblical scripture has actually no pagan roots. They controversy that because the entirety Easter story is the crux of all Christianity, why would certainly you no celebrate the resurrection of ours Lord and Savior? This still continues to be a controversial topic in ~ the Adventist church.

Do Adventists Partake In Communion? What is it?

All Christian denominations take part in communion, yet not all do it in the very same way, nor execute they even hold the same theological underpinnings. In ~ the critical supper, Jesus and his practical worker partook in communion. Luke 22:19-20 says “…he took bread, and when he had provided thanks, he damaged it and also gave it to them, saying, “This is mine body, which is provided for you. 

Do this in remembrance of me.” And similarly the cup after ~ they had eaten, saying, “This cup that is poured out for girlfriend is the new covenant in mine blood.” This is far-ranging because Jesus was referencing come his disciples to be inevitably come come, his crucifixion. The this would be the last time they would all fellowship together.

Albeit, the critical supper no simply another meal, however the Jewish holiday of Passover. Choose with all holidays, Passover had actually its own customary heritages that necessary to be exercised within the homes celebrating it. Among these traditions was the washing that feet that those partaking in the Passover meal. 

Given the dusty clime and a fashion society that just afforded sandals, foot washing was a humbling experience. Yet none the the disciples were willing to to wash their brothers’ feet. Therefore Christ take it it upon self to to wash his hands-on worker feet in accordance that Passover.

Unlike most Christian denominations, the Seventh-day Adventist church techniques the Ordinance the Foot Washing the night before, or at least prior, partaking in communion. This of food is since Christians need to be humble themselves, but also so the they might prostrate themselves before God. 

After such a time, one is spiritually and also emotionally ready to obtain the body and blood the Christ. But what does communion yes, really represent? before the death of Christ, God forced ritual blood sacrifice to clean the Israelites of their sins. But due to the fact that Christ to be without sin, he to be the “perfect” sacrifice and after his crucifixion, God no much longer required animal sacrifice due to the fact that there would certainly be no higher sacrifice higher than Jesus. Communion represents the level of Christ’s love that humanity and also his strength to cleanse us of sin forever.

What is the Seventh-day Sabbath

However, offered that Easter does not play the very same theological duty in the Seventh-day church similar to other Christian denominations, Seventh-day churches have actually their sermons and church services on Saturday. Sunday plays an ext important come Christian denominations that exercise Easter, after all, Sunday was the day the Christ to be resurrected. 

But in the Jewish calendar, Saturday is the last day the the week, the Sabbath. When God offered Moses the ten commandments, the fourth commandment was, “emember the Sabbath day, to store it holy. Six days shall friend labor and do all your work, however the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord her God. In it girlfriend shall do no work…” (Exodus 20:8).

Although many certain doctrines in the old testament were specifically for the Israelites, the Sabbath itself is no specifically declared by God to be exclusive to the Jew. As such, due to the fact that there is no specific importance given to the day of Sunday in the Bible, Adventists have no reason to act it together the Sabbath rather of Saturday. 

What is important to note, is exactly how Jesus differed native his religious contemporaries in the applications of the Sabbath. In Luke 13;13-14, “hen that laid His hands on her, and immediately she straightened up and began come glorify God. However the synagogue leader was indignant because Jesus had healed top top the Sabbath, the synagogue leader claimed to the people, “There are 6 days for work. So come and be cure on those days, no on the Sabbath.””

 The Jewish management at the time took the “you shall execute no work” quite literally, miscellaneous that also some orthodox Jews still practice today. Doing an excellent deeds have to never take a work off, so adhering to the instance of Christ, Seventh-day Adventists believe in act no secular work on Saturday. This method in practical terms, not doing job-related for financial benefit, yet working to advantage others.

What go the bible Say about Celebrating Holidays

What is clear in the Bible, is that the Sabbath is come be practiced on Saturday, but was is no clear is the observance of other holidays. Because that example, God commanded the ancient Israelites to celebrate the first of every month, “in the starts of her months, ye shall blow through the trumpets end your burnt offerings, and also over the sacrifices of your tranquility offerings; that they may be come you because that a memorial prior to your God: i am the Lord your God.” (Numbers 10:10). 

Considering that the Israelites offered a lunar calendar to track months, this to be in reality a lunar festival. Yet there are no Christian denominations that exercise lunar festivals. In fact, the whole concept of lunar festivals has a heathen taste in the western mouth. But yet over there is no culture that has ever existed that does not have holidays.

So what is one come do? One extreme would it is in to never ever practice any kind of holidays. Jeremiah 10:1-2 says, “ear the word that the mr speaks come you, O residence of Israel. Thus says the Lord: “Learn no the means of the nations, no one be dismayed in ~ the signs of the heavens because the nations are dismayed at them, because that the custom-mades of the peoples are vanity.” 

If this were applied to a non-religious holiday like self-reliance Day in America, would certainly Christ no condone celebrating the birth of a country and succession from the brother empire? self-reliance Day festivities such as air shows are showcases of American army vanity, however America the country was the productive ground which the Seventh-day church arose.

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Conversely, and including to the conundrum, Romans 14:5-6 says, “ne person esteems sooner or later as much better than another, while an additional esteems all days alike. Every one must be completely convinced in his own mind. The one who observes the day, observes that in honor of the Lord. The one who eats, eats in honor of the Lord, due to the fact that he provides thanks to God, while the one who abstains, abstains in honor of the Lord and gives thanks to God.” 

However, walk this apply to a secular holiday choose Halloween? After all this is a holiday the is around gluttony for children and also debauchery for adults. No Christian would insurance claim I to be eating all this liquid in honor of God.

What about Other Holidays?

Referring ago to Ellen G White’s comments on the usage of Christmas trees, participation in religious and secular holidays starts with why you are participating in the an initial place. One provides a conscious choice about why and also how events are celebrated and also whether you pick to be choose the people or unequal the world. 

Seventh-day Adventists pick not to watch Easter come the very same level (as it gift a large focus that the calendar year like other Protestant churches) because God has not commanded the church to carry out so. Return the holy bible does not particularly say holidays prefer Easter are wrong either, Adventists are picking to be unlike various other Christian denominations because of the pagan roots of Easter. 

Despite some of their teach differences, both Adventists and also other true Christian believers proceed to strive to be more like Christ in your walk with God and also be a irradiate in the world. Thus, making any kind of holiday celebration up to individuals what that exactly entails.