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Analysis ~ above Sesshoumaru and Rin’s relationship

Sesshoumaru and also Rin’s relationship to nearly all in the Japanese fandom together romantic once Rin comes of age for the time period. Not only do those fans watch them together what Americans call it a “Canon” couple but they space well aware of poly-amorous relationships commonly accepted earlier in that time and era. Like how Inu no Taishou (Touga-Ou) had two wives. Where Sesshoumaru’s mother was well mindful of the human being wife and was unphased nor appeared to be jealous. Just hinting Sesshoumaru’s taste in human beings (about Rin) favor his father with Izayoi.

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Western society VS eastern Culture

Atleast 20% that the American fandom in my team while it to be closed (that means members only) vote SessKagura when I ran the poll in 2019. It was 64 votes and also Sesshoumaru romantic with adult Rin had 126 votes.

In a Fanpop poll SessRin had 61% and SessKagura had actually 39%

While ns ran the poll again in 2020 as public and shared it throughout multiple western fan groups which is much less genuine data I had to check each profile to ensure the votes were actual (haters often tend to take place in any kind of given anime coupling) They are able come vote even though they weren’t members. This time I specifically labeled the “Romantic” or “Parental”. The outcomes within just a couple of hours were what I had expected. The romantic part still surpasses the parental choice.

American Fandom VS Japanese Fandom

The American fandom majority is mostly accepting that Rin being with Sesshoumaru the age. However, the portion that is more towards him gift parental is far more than what the east fandom thinks.

Two administrators the a 13,000 add to members group called Sinosphere (Eastern culture) have actually both spoken to me around the differences in views.

One declared (Esther Xiao) “I have never heard that this issue ever until I join the American fandom. I’ve known about the gift that Rin recieves in ~ the finish of the series as an plot of courting.”


At an initial Sango and Kagome to be mad thinking Miroku was perverted through her when she was 11. Yet he tells them that nothing happened in between them. They thought him. Sango was likewise furiously jealousy of Koharu!


Rumiko Takahashi’s Fire Tripper - There’s time traveling back in soon from Feudal Japan to modern Era. The young Shu was carried in through her family and the girl to be sent earlier in time v him wherein he thinks that’s his little sister. Then as she’s enlarge she’s ago in time as soon as more, he desires to do her his mam then realizes she need to be his tiny sister. But she says they aren’t since they are not related by blood. They obtain married. Pretty lot an the same kind of pairing.

Age of consent in Japan.

As you recognize Rin is 8 year old when she is an initial introduced right into the series. 3 years walk by and also she is 11. Had been living through Kaede for 3 years because Naraku had been defeated. InuYasha says that it’s as much as her to decision on "what she wants” in the final chapter.

In the proposal Sesshoumaru claims that over there is sufficient time for she to decide.

Age of consent in Japan is 13

Back then once you struggle puberty that was your adulthood. The people was a much an ext dangerous place and you had actually to mature, fast.

The audio episode is official licensed and also produced by the same staff that made the anime however that isn’t the just supporting proof we have that it’s embraced by not only the creator and also producers.

We actually have the official Adult Rin design.

The character designer and also animator because that the InuYasha collection posted these main artworks that Adult Rin and Sesshoumaru


Rumiko Takahashi created strict rule to the animators come follow because that each personality on what you can/cannot carry out with them. One of them being, Kagome’s dress must constantly be covering her underwear.


When you occupational for a agency and produce things you must represent the characters properly therefore you room not sued. There room rules Rumiko Takahashi offered the animators to properly represent she characters.

To the Japanese, and many Easterners. Sesshoumaru and Rin, InuYasha and Kagome, Ayame and Kouga maturing with each other - falling in love through eachother is no an issue.

To a portion of Westerners it’s led to hate and dis-respect to the time period and Japanese culture. However, also if you don’t favor it - Shouldn’t median you need to disrespect one an additional over it.

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Just come answer any questions. Correct I prefer Kagura and Sesshoumaru, or Adult Rin and Sesshoumaru, Kohaku and also Rin. Yet I can treatment less that he or she end up with. Ns don’t even care if they yes, really did become father and also daughter figure. Yet from exactly how I watch it right currently from what we have actually Kaede embraced Rin. If that’s different I’m absolutely agree of it. I also did tons of research, polls, and also asked genuine Eastern Sinosphere members around how they feel and think about it!

All we understand right currently for reality that the manufacturing team like them together a pair and the youngsters are half demon.

What carry out I not condone is the surname calling and also the civilization who go the end of their method to attack others. I think it’s absolutely dorn to hate on eachother over a collection we need to all be family members about. I don’t go the end of my method to find people’s blog to strike them. There are ships ns don’t like yet I never go and also attack them for it. Why would certainly I take away from your happiness?