How plenty of nipples do dogs have? What a funny question! It’s a inquiry that veterinarians acquire a lot. You might not it is in comfortable asking your neighborhood vet around your dog’s nipples, for this reason this post is here to answer few of the more common concerns that vets get about this silly canine topic.

Dr. Jess will describe dog nipple basics below:


What room Nipples? just how Do they Work?

Nipples space raised areas ~ above the surface of mammary tissue in mammalian species.

A nipple allows milk come flow from the depth mammary organization of mrs mammals.

Nipples are the portal for milk to be suckled indigenous the mammal mother to the infant who is suckling the teat.

Do Dogs have Nipples?

Almost all mammals have nipples.

So, yes, dogs do have actually nipples.

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As with other mammals, a dog’s nipples construct during gestation, in the reproductive street of the mother dog, likewise known as a bitch.

So a dog’s nipples are formed by the moment the pup is born.

What go a Dog’s Nipple watch Like?

Many people describe the look of your dog’s nipples as tiny pimple-like bumps.

Unless they space swollen for some reason, a dog’s nipples need to look very similar to a pimple, small cysts, or pest bite.


What does a Dog Nipple feel Like?

Depending on the dog, your nipples may feel choose a an insect bite or pimple.

If the nipples are swollen, they will feel lot bigger, softer, perhaps “squishy”, and sometimes warmer come the touch.

I have had countless dog owner who lug their pets pup in to get checked out due to the fact that of a persistent pimple or bump, just to have actually me inform them the they have uncovered a common nipple.

But don’t feel embarrassed, it happens all the time!

Hard come Find: Where space They Located?

You probably already know the answer come this one, yet let me explain it because that those that room not familiar.

You will uncover a dog’s nipples on the underside of the dog’s belly.

Usually, there space two rows that nipples.

Most of the time these rows the nipples are distributed relatively evenly top top the right and also left sides of the abdomen (stomach).

However, there space some dogs that are special cases and also will have an odd set of nipples.

There is no medical issue if her pup has a mismatched variety of nipples.

Since even short-haired dogs are fluffy, and also a dog’s nipples space so little in size- it’s often really hard come locate them beneath all that fur.

If you think that you deserve to feel a nipple anywhere other than the belly of your dog, you should be concerned and also you should contact your regional veterinarian for more advice.


How many Nipples execute Female dog Have?

Usually, a mrs dog has two rows that nipples, adding up come six to ten nipples in total. Some dogs will have actually fewer, and other dogs might have more than 10 and also they room still completely normal.

These 2 rows are typically matched increase evenly v one heat on the right and also one heat on the left side.

Therefore, many dogs will have 3-5 nipples on the left row, and also 3-5 nipples ~ above the best row. Find out how many nipples cats have too!

However, occasionally dogs will have actually odd numbered nipples, with fewer or an ext nipples than that 6-10 nipple average. This is nothing to it is in worried around – no medical concerns due to the fact that your dog has actually an odd variety of teats.

The number of nipples her dog has actually does not depend on gender, breed, age, or wellness condition.

In fact, puppies indigenous the same litter frequently have various numbers of nipples.

Can the variety of Nipples my Dog has actually Change?

Speaking of number of nipples, another question I get is if dogs can lose or gain a nipple.

A dog’s nipples cannot disappear nor have the right to they gain brand-new nipples end time, even throughout pregnancy- that cannot happen.


How many Nipples execute Male dogs Have?

Male dogs additionally have nipples on their abdomens. They generally have 2 rows the nipples as with female dogs do.

Male dogs usually have the exact same amount that nipples that a female dog does, 6-10 nipples in total.

Telling the difference in between Male and Female Dogs based upon Nipples:

Since both male as well as female puppies have nipples, and also because sex makes no distinction to the variety of nipples a dog has, one can not recognize a puppy’s sex by their nipples.


Why are My Dog’s Nipples Swollen?

If you notice that her dog’s nipples space larger, more tender, or much more red, than normal, there may be a medical reason.

Notify your veterinarian immediately for an ext information top top what to perform next.

Most likely, your vet will want to exam her pet for an ext insight as to what is walk on.

Enlarged mammary glands deserve to be a sign the a larger medical issue for your dog.

I’ve noted some common health issues the can reason your Canine companion’s nipples to it is in engorged:

Pregnancy: an ext on this in the following section below!Mastitis: inflammation that the mammary gland (usually due to infection throughout lactation)Galactostasis: milk arsenal in mammary gland during the weaning processMammary/breast cancer: even male dogs can get mammary cancer and tumorsMammary Hyperplasia: growth brought about by high level of hormones (progesterone)

Canine Pregnancy and also Nipple Size:

Yes! her dog will have enlarged nipples throughout their pregnancy.

A pregnant dog’s nipples will start to come to be larger and pinker.

It will certainly be MUCH much easier to find your female dog’s nipples throughout this period in she life!

This is in ready to feed she puppies when they space born and also need outside nourishment (milk).

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What to carry out if her Dog has actually Swollen Nipples?

The first thing to do once you notice that your dog’s nipple or nipples room enlarged, is carry out not panic.

The second thing to carry out is to contact her vet to let them know your findings and to obtain their opinion on following steps.

The third thing to do is come stop touching or messing through the nipples in question, as this might be pains or also elicit a bigger inflammatory reaction in that area, depending on what is walk on.

This is likewise a an excellent time come note other symptoms, things that may be a little bit off with your dog.

Noting things choose redness, discharge, swollen four or face, ns of appetite or anorexia, fever, abnormal hiding or aggression, etc., together these may be indications of something much more and will very likely help your veterinarian acquire to the bottom the the swollen nipple mystery.

The quicker your vet can zero in ~ above what the underlying concern is, the sooner your dog have the right to be treated and also start come feel far better and get back to your normal, healthy routine, normal nipples and all.