Is guinea pig poop disgusting? the shouldn"t be! If you space a guinea pig parent, learning about guinea pig poop is crucial to preserving your guinea pig’s health. It is an essential to maintaining your guinea pigs happy and healthy. 

Guinea pigs have tendency to hide your illnesses very well, so oftentimes it might go unnoticed. By the time you begin seeing an illness symptoms, it may currently be too late because that the small one. 

As responsible guinea pig parents and owners, we must observe our guinea pigs carefully for any kind of signs and also treat the indications seriously. Due to the fact that guinea pigs have the right to hide the symptoms so well, we should use the tiny clues they leave us. Uneven dogs and cats, guinea pigs don’t vomit, which is normally a tale-tell authorize that a pets is sick. So, among the most efficient ways to monitor guinea pig health, is to monitor guinea pig poop condition. I understand it sounds gross, however it’s really no that bad, simply think that it together tiny small raisins.

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Before we gain into the details of guinea pig poop (shape, color and texture), you very first need to correctly prepare your habitat so the it is simple to detect their poop. You want to have the ability to check the guinea pig poop repeatedly and also quickly. 

The traditional guinea pig bedding, together as wood shavings and file bedding, are designed to hide the poop by sinking them to the bottom as guinea pigs move approximately the cage. This might prevent quick detection the the guinea pig’s condition. 

Guinea pig bedding is one of the an essential necessities for a guinea pig habitat, and also it is an essential that you use the right form of guinea pig bedding. I highly encourage friend to review this article (Best Bedding because that Guinea Pigs). This article compares all kinds of guinea pig bedding options with supporting facts to aid you save your guinea pig healthy. Examine out our fleece bedding, i m sorry could assist you to easily check your guinea pig"s poop.

Once you are collection up correctly, let’s take a look at different types of guinea pig poop and what they can mean about their health! 

Guinea Pig Poop: 7 Different types and What they Mean

1. Small, dried Poop


Small and also dry poop (even automatically after coming out of their booties) could be a sign of dehydration.

Why Dehydration is Harmful to Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs need to drink 10% of their body weight in water, and can just last 24 hours without any water (time is dependency on climate). As soon as guinea pigs space dehydrated they may start having low energy and also become clumsy. An additional symptom may be that they begin to construct a fever and additionally have a lose of appetite. This all could eventually lead to life threatening instances if not treated appropriate away, so the is necessary that guinea pigs space drinking adequate amounts of water daily.

What come do when Guinea Pigs Poop is tiny and Dry

If you have a water bottle, make certain your guinea pigs know how to use it. You can click the nozzle reminder to show them how it works, and make certain they shot it themselves before leaving them through it. When they begin drinking from the bottle, make certain the air balloon rises from the bottom, as this indicates the water is coming out. 

If you have actually a water bowl, make sure the water is clean and readjusted often. Guinea pigs will sometimes run or scurry across the cage or their living area. This might mean some of the poop can get right into the water, contaminating it. If the water is contaminated, the guinea pig can be much less willing come drink, i m sorry then can lead to dry poop. The a vicious poopy circle. 

Once you begin seeing this symptom, include cucumber for the vegetables supplement (general rule of thumb is to provide one cup of mixed vegetable per day per guinea pig). The cucumber has actually a minimal amount that nutrients, but it contains a many water. This will assist hydrate your guinea pig!

2. Dry, Tear shame Poop


If the poop is tear-shaped, it could be an indicator that a gut problem. 

Why not Consuming enough Hay is Harmful come Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs should be eat as lot hay as their very own body. The fiber uncovered in hay is an important part of their diet so the guinea pig’s digestive system are to work properly. An additional issue that could arise native guinea pigs not having accessibility to hay is your dental health and wellness may it is in affected. As guinea pigs consume hay it permits them to wear under their teeth as well.

What to do as soon as Guinea Pigs Poop is Tear Shaped

Providing guinea pigs v Timothy hay or Orchard hay, is key for your health.The an essential is to constantly have clean, fresh, and abundant quantities of hay accessible – ns am no talking about in a bowl but in a vast pile.’s Nourish collection – Timothy Hay is a perfect example. The is designed so the your guinea pigs are constantly guaranteed to have actually fresh hay available. The packaging doubles as a hay rack. No being on the ground way the hay will stay clean without gift soiled by guinea pig poop and urine.

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What to do If your Guinea Pig Is no Eating

If her guinea pig is gift a stroller, stick eater, over there are details measures guinea parents have the right to take. One thing that I favor to carry out is to market them both Timothy hay and Orchard hay. Orchard hay is sweeter and an ext aromatic 보다 timothy hay, which normally solves the problem of guinea pigs no eating hay.

Another method is to add hay toppers! You can use any kind of of Guinea Dad’s Nourish collection healthy treats because that guinea pigs and also sprinkle it on optimal of the hay to entice guinea pigs to forage with the hay for the natural supplements. By giving guinea pigs with diverse foods it might deter your picky eating habits.