Yes, dodge truck wheels will fit Ford, however the right kind of lugnut will certainly be required. Many of the ford trucks usage the conical acorn nuts have to be to the right well provided you get it excellent from a professional. The evade 5 lugs room the exact same when contrasted to the Ford 5 lug that provides it details that the evade truck wheels will certainly fit Ford easily.

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There are certain things you have to keep in mind when you usage a evade truck wheel in her Ford.

If girlfriend are changing the former tires

If you are changing, the front wheels particular things need to be done because that the best fit. The wheels have to clear the brake callipers for the ideal results.

Also, save in mind to have an balance out that will enable the fender wells to be cleared when turned. The wheel centre needs to be large enough so the it can clear the protrusion that the hub centre.

This will enable mounting the wheel properly. ~ all, this done, the exactly bolt pattern is to be ascertained for the finest results. These can be done in any tire shop yet ensures you obtain it excellent by a expert for the finest results.

Following the above-mentioned points, you can easily change the front wheel of your Ford through a evade truck and experience no complaints.

Things to keep in psychic while changing

There are details things you have to ensure is done to enable Dodge truck wheels to fit your Ford. The an initial thing to check out is the spacing is correct to right the brake calibres correctly. Anything end a 16-inch rim would certainly be simply fine because that the same. This will certainly ensure the the wheels perform not rub the within of the wheel well.

If the automobile is a 4*4 then the prior locking hubs space to be confirm for the best results. Generally, if that is a 4*4 truck climate the former locking hubs are different for Jeep, Chevy, Dodge and also Ford.

The variety of wheel studs, stud spacing and also whether the wheels are hub-centric or lug-centric plays a vital role in determining evade truck wheels will certainly fit Ford. Also, examine whether the balance out is hopeful or an unfavorable for the finest results. Backspacing, wheel diameter and wheel width are some of the crucial things to think about ascertaining the the dodge truck wheel fit Ford perfectly.

Whether her Ford is new or old

Another important factor to keep in psychic is whether her Ford is new or old. This is due to the fact that the new body style Ford has a metric 8-lug pattern whereas the old version Ford has actually the very same pattern of dodge and also Ford the is 8 ~ above 6.5 inches.

The change over year for Ford was the year 2000. If her Ford were prior to the 2000 version then that would conveniently fit the dodge tires without any hassles.

Mentioned below are several of the points that you have to ensure so the your Ford fits the dodge tires in the best manner.

The centre feet plays a an essential roleThe backspacing/offset is suitable for the best resultsConsider making use of the exactly lug nutsIn addition, inspect whether the wheels are lug centric or hub centric because that the best fit.Along through the wheel bolt pattern, the wheel offset and backspacing should match for the best fit.

Ensure the tires are fit effectively for the ideal results. If tires perform not fit appropriately or you have actually not maintained the things mentioned over then there will certainly be issues. Improper fitment have the right to lead to loosening the wheels and can produce vibrations once you drive which is not advised.

Using the wheels continuously without appropriate fitment can cause internal injury that is to it is in avoided.


Not everyone can fit a dodge truck wheel into a Ford truck. It is recommend to take advice indigenous a skilled as they have the right to suggest girlfriend the finest solution. Over there are details complications with the center hole, backspacing, bolt pattern and also whether the tires space lug centric or hub centric.

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Only after ~ ascertaining these things, you have the right to opt to readjust your Ford tires v Dodge trucks because that the ideal results. The above-mentioned point out will aid you come ensure that every little thing required to install dodge truck tires right into Ford is adhered to in the right manner.