room cows saving a spot of dried grass for grazing or hunkering under to conserve heat? one of two people way, there’s not a lot to ago up this claims.

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According to a recent survey by the UK Met Office, over 60 every cent of the british public believe that cows lying under is a sure sign of rain.

Perhaps the most typical theory is that cows room able to feeling the approaching rain, either with the raised moisture in the waiting or the accompanying autumn in air pressure, and lie down to save a job of dry grass because that grazing. Another theory emerged in 2013 as soon as a research in the US verified that cows have tendency to was standing in hot weather, together exposing an ext skin enables them come cool off an ext effectively. This led part to hypothesise that the chilled in the wait that regularly comes prior to rain can encourage cows come lie under to conserve heat.


In truth, however, over there is no scientific evidence for this item of weather folklore. The most most likely explanation for any correlation in between cows’ behaviour and the weather is probably simple coincidence – cows spend up to fifty percent of their time lie down, one of two people to rest or come chew their cud, so there’s a 50:50 opportunity that they’ll it is in lying under at any kind of given moment, come rain or shine. Together herd animals, cows often tend to mimic every other’s behaviour, upping the odds that you can see a totality herd lie down prior to a downpour.

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