Google maps reflects two paths from St. Louis to Destin, Fl with nearly equal times and distances.

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One is I-55 south through Memphis, TN and the various other is v Nashville, TN

I would prefer to maximize the use of Interstates and 4-lane highways and minimize the use of 2-lane roads.

Which route perform you recommend and why?

What are the benefits of your recommended route?




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I usage both routes once I walk to Destin. Ns take the Nashville route going and also the I-55 path coming back. The difference in usage is not lot under 10 miles to mine house. However for more 4 lane and less 2 lane i would use the I-55 route. Top top the Nashville route after Montgomery I usage the true and also tested baked route. It conserves alot that time matches the 331 path I use to take. Have fun.

St. Louis. Once we visit the Florida Coast, we also like come either gain their as rapid as possible, or us take the more scenic route. If you take it the course through Nashville, girlfriend will have a much more scenic route, however you will find that that is much much longer than the I-55 to I-12/10, and also along the gulf coast.

We favor the gulf coastline route due to the fact that we deserve to stop along the coast and view the gulf maybe have a nice having lunch at the plentiful restaurants ~ above the route, and the time seems to be much better spent in for this reason doing.

For instance, you have the right to stop in Pensacola, or Ft Walton and also park close to the beach and also get out and walk in the sand and breath the sea breeze, hear to the wave activity and hear the gulls speak to out.

Also, and I forget this, if you space the gambling type, over there are many nice areas to perform so passing v Mississippi's coast, especially if you visit the Beau Rivage. The Beau, likewise has a great buffet, which we very recommend.

All in all, i think the route I recommend is much faster and much more relaxing, enjoyable and quicker 보다 the scenic route.

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Having stated this, girlfriend can also take the scenic route earlier home, and also experience a brand-new environ, and also I would very recommend the Smoky mountain area in Sevier County, i m sorry is on the means to Nashville, yet a slight detour. It certainly would be various than the Florida Coast, and perhaps enhance your vaction visit.