For countless travellers, visiting Russia is a journey of a lifetime. Therefore, if you execute make it to Russia and also are getting here in Moscow or St Petersburg, it would certainly be a pity to watch one and not the other. These two major cities space well connected, and also both have something distinct to share.

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Moscow may well it is in the modern-day capital that Russia, but historically St Petersburg also held the position of resources in the 18th and also 19th centuries. These to be the two centuries of royal rule, once the Russian empire was in ~ its elevation of power and wealth. As memories the its historical past, St Petersburg has numerous lavish palaces, museums and beautiful works of architecture. Moscow offers the vibe the a modern-day capital, but when friend feel exhausted with it all, head over to St Petersburg because that a adjust of scenery and also a whole new city to discover.


Trains operation on a constant basis, throughout the day and overnight, connecting the Moskovsky station in St Petersburg and also the Leningrad station in Moscow. The fastest method to take trip is through the Sapsan train, i beg your pardon is a comfortable, contemporary train that takes simply under 4 hours of journey time. Prices for traditional seats hover roughly 2,500-3,000 rubles (US$39-47). Overnight trains are likewise an option, back the cheaper ones space not really luxurious. A berth in a sleeper compartment is about 1,500-2,500 rubles (US$24-39) depending upon the class of travel. Over there are also luxury trains: the cool Express and Red Arrow. Prices for these space the highest, ranging from 3,500-15,000 rubles (US$55-235). To publication train tickets on her own, use the main website of the Russian railway network, which has actually an interface in English.


Despite the quick distance, there are regular flights between Moscow and St Petersburg. The travel time is about 1.5 hours. Prices vary depending on the airline and how much in advancement you book. The price range can it is in as huge as US$65-200. Usually, this flights are taken by business travellers or passengers in transit. The as whole journey time, including getting to and also from the airports, will likely be much longer than taking the high-speed train. On the other hand, planes space obviously a much better option because that night travel, when the high-speed trains are not running.

It is definitely possible to take trip by car between Moscow and also St Petersburg. Depending upon which course you take, the full distance between the urban is roughly 650-700 km (400-435 mi.). Take trip time is strongly dependent on exactly how long you room willing to journey without stopping and the inter-city web traffic conditions. Driving on your own in Russia deserve to require some getting used to, specifically on high-speed highways. In case you decide to rental or borrow a car, make certain to read closely through every the information and make certain you are eligible to drive overseas.

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Whichever means you decision to travel, over there aren’t too countless complications to consider. If you call for a Russian visa, it needs to be valid for the totality duration of your stay, encompassing visits to both cities. The is advisable to think about these two journeys in advance. The Russian visa application asks for information about all the urban you intended to visit on your journey. If you room taking a work trip, climate don’t forget come take your passport. There will certainly be a check prior to boarding the train, and the passport details should enhance those composed on the ticket.

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