Way back in 1993, in the child stages that the internet, a “Carol the the Bells” parody song entitled “Ding Fries are Done” began showing up on post boards and in email chains. The track is native the allude of see of a seemingly mentally disabled man named Billy, who works at the fast-food chain, citizens King. Over there is actually a complete album of Christmas songs featuring this Billy character, licensed has been granted “A very Spastic Christmas.” girlfriend can find the album held here in ~ madmusic.com. If you end up digging a bit an ext yourself and see the tune attributed to Robert Lund, that is false. Lund included the track on a 2008 album the offbeat Christmas tunes.

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I perform want to add a quick disclaimer here before moving on. The album appears to exclusively exist to tastelessly make funny of civilization with down syndrome. Us at Unruly Stowaway do not condone that. Eleven year old me in 1993 uncovered the “Ding Fries room Done” track hilarious, yet then again ns was a dickhead 11-year-old boy in the ’90s.

So let’s get back to it. If friend don’t recognize the initial song which the parody is based on, you absolutely will after you give a quick listen. Here’s a pretty freakin’ epic variation by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

“Carol of the Bells” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra:

Pretty safe to say you space up to speed now.

The “Ding Fries are Done” Parody:

Unless you’re a child who doesn’t know any better, this doesn’t really host up to any modern-day sensibilities, right? Well, not according to Burger King. For plenty of years the burger huge ignored the parody, however in their recent commercial, for much better or worse, they have offered it a nod.

The December 2020 citizens King Commercial:

There are number of variations the this play on television, however the over was the one i was able to find online. The advertisement is no up in any type on Burger queens official YouTube page. Telling, perhaps. With the mass of the commercial the heat “Ding fries room done” deserve to be faintly heard being repeated. In ~ the end of the video the line is sang loud and also drawn out, together a punctuation to the spot.

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Family man did it:

In the 23rd illustration of the fourth season of the Fox display in an episode titled “Deep Throats” the household patriarch, Peter Griffin dram the Billy role, in an virtually identical parody of the initial video.

What execute You Think?

Should citizens King have actually incorporated the track in that advertising?

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