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Narrator: This is the AMC on east Illinois Street in Chicago. They"re play 17 movies. But you actually have actually 21 alternatives because there"s so countless formats. Need to you watch "Toy Story 4" in 3D? Digital? hang on, what"s Dolby? and why walk it price 18 bucks? which one perform you pick?

If you"ve to buy a movie ticket in the last decade, you"ve viewed this: a bunch of various options, each v dramatically different prices. The exact same movie is gift screened, yet there are a many of methods it can be projected. In bespeak to figure out why there space so countless formats, we need to uncover out what these in reality mean. It"s more complicated than the 5 names you see listed.

Let"s start with the basics. Standard, sometimes just referred to as digital: This is your mean movie-theater experience, found anywhere native Regal to a little independent theater. Then there"s 3D, the one through the glasses, commonly branded together RealD 3D. This projectors usage polarized light to produce the illusion that depth, which supposedly provides the film an ext immersive. But a many of civilization just find it disorienting. 3D movies aren"t as famous as they once were. In fact, in 2018, the MPAA reported a 20% year-over-year to decrease in the global 3D box office. All right, let"s ditch those 3D glasses and check out the newest style to fight theaters, Dolby.

Dolby Digital Cinemas, make by Dolby, deserve to be found at AMC theaters. That uses twin 4K laser projectors. That"s 4 times an ext resolution than a typical theater projector. These projectors produce super crisp images with deep blacks and also bright highlights, in ~ 500 time the comparison ratio and twice the brightness the a conventional projector. Dolby is the finest HDR friend can get in the theater. High dynamic range way really shining highlights and also really dark blacks. Dolby Cinema images appear less muddy or gray contrasted to the timeless projectors. Overall, it"s supposed to develop a more realistic image. And also it reminds you, over and over, with this video...

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Narrator: Yeah, we gain it. Yet the biggest difference with Dolby is your sound system. They call it Dolby Atmos. All movie theaters use surround sound. That way using an ext speakers therefore the viewer have the right to hear sounds from the direction they"re claimed to be coming from onscreen, like behind you, or to your right. Yet Dolby Atmos is choose super surround sound. It supplies many more speakers to fully surround the viewer. Over there are even speakers on the ceiling and also transducers, which produce bass under the seats. There"s additionally a variation of Dolby that uses 3D movies. Many thanks to the higher-quality projectors, the photo actually shows up brighter than with traditional 3D. And also then there"s IMAX.

You"ve probably heard of IMAX, due to the fact that it"s in reality been approximately since the "70s. Yet this can get a small confusing, since unlike Dolby, no every IMAX theatre is the same. Distinct to IMAX is its substantial screen, i beg your pardon is larger than any kind of other format, approximately 40% larger, and also it offers an element ratio that"s higher than various other theaters. Through some movies, this method you"re seeing an ext of the photo instead of black bars ~ above the top and bottom the the frame. The newest IMAX theaters use dual 4K laser projectors and have one upgraded sound system. Yet if you buy one IMAX ticket, you could not be obtaining your money"s worth. Depending on your theater, you might be acquiring what some describe as Lie-MAX. This Lie-MAX, ahem, IMAX suffer theaters have actually a smaller sized screen and lower-resolution projectors. It"s no clear simply from buying your ticket if her theater is IMAX with laser or Lie-MAX, yet you can inspect this website to discover out. Choose Dolby, part theaters also offer IMAX 3D. But if you"re walking out of your IMAX movie wondering why the screen felt smaller sized than critical time, you might spot one much more logo.

RPX is Regal"s very own large-format experience, providing bigger screens, newer projectors, and also an to update sound system. The list more than likely sounds familiar by now. Basically, RPX will certainly look and sound much better than a conventional movie theater. But it"s no as premium together Dolby or IMAX v laser. Oh yeah, there"s additionally 4DX, but, uh, that"s its very own thing.

This is a many information. Yet that"s actually just digital. Some movies offer unique screenings whereby you deserve to view actual film being projected. "Dunkirk" and "The Hateful Eight" readily available 70-millimeter screenings. 70mm is huge, an ext than 6 times larger than standard 35mm film. There"s likewise 70mm IMAX, i beg your pardon is how IMAX very first started. Part moviegoers reap film projections due to the fact that it creates a an ext organic and also less sterile image contrasted to digital. As well as 70mm, part theaters still sell 35mm movie projections, yet these space usually for distinct events, not brand-new releases. For this reason yeah, there"s a lot much more to this screenings than simply their names.

Here space a few takeaways from all of those specs: enlarge screens, newer projectors, and also larger sound solution usually make a better viewing experience. But if IMAX and also Dolby space both bigger and higher-quality, which is better? Well, the depends. If you want the biggest display size you deserve to get, you desire IMAX. Through some display screens over 80 feet wide, IMAX is method bigger 보다 Dolby. Simply make certain it"s IMAX through laser. But if you"re one audiophile who has actually to gain the finest sound possible, go through Dolby. Dolby Atmos is noticeably an ext immersive than timeless surround sound. Dolby theater are also usually newer, so possibilities are it will certainly be much better maintained.

But both Dolby and IMAX have better quality control over the sound and image than a traditional theater. Dolby does market a crisper, brighter image with depths blacks than IMAX. Yet both IMAX v laser and Dolby look great. The mean moviegoer most likely wouldn"t notification a difference without seeing these photos side through side. But IMAX theaters likewise have a taller screen, for this reason if you"re watching a movie favor "Avengers: Endgame" that was particularly shot because that IMAX, you"ll see more of the photo instead of having actually black bars on the top and also bottom. Yet projection isn"t everything. If you"re walking to clock a three-hour "Avengers" movie, you desire to it is in comfortable. Details theaters market reclining seats, food trays, or paired seats. These are a deal-breaker for part people. The specifics will vary theater to theater, yet you can usually examine online prior to buying her ticket.

Obviously, every one of these features won"t come cheap. If you desire to view a newer, higher-quality format, your ticket is walk to expense more. Now, if all you wanted was to see a movie ~ above a warm summer day, this might seem stunner to you. Yet some civilization are passionate around how they watch a movie. And who can blame them? Movie tickets have hit an mean price of end $9 nationwide, and also in big cities it"s even more expensive. If you"re paying a bunch that money, you desire the finest experience possible. All of these styles give moviegoers much more choice. If you simply want to view a comedy v some friends, standard digital is most likely fine. However if you"re seeing the big blockbuster you"ve been waiting a year for, it could be precious the extra money to see it in the biggest format available.

Different genres lend themselves to various formats. And also these formats give directors and also cinematographers much more choices too. Christopher Nolan shot parts of "Dunkirk" v an IMAX camera, which make those exterior shots feel large and epic, when the interior shots feeling tight and also confined. The higher IMAX facet ratio was supplied to add much more impact to the story. And also sound designers are able to be an ext detailed and an innovative when utilizing a system like Dolby Atmos. Every one of these styles give filmmakers the possibility to tell your story the way they want to tell it.

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Of course, it help the theater too. Layouts like Dolby and also IMAX are a factor to walk to the theater rather of watching in ~ home. However whether you desire crispy Dolby or grainy 35mm, you"ve acquired a the majority of options. And also that"s a great thing. Imagine if 3D to be the only method you could see a movie.