Peter Griffin is always cracking jokes, but we can’t aid but it is in worried about this one: Stewie is dead! Yes, that’s what he stated on the Nov. 16 episode. Might hereallybe serious?! Plus, are Peter and also Lois getting divorced?

The Nov. 16 episode of family members Guyended top top a shocking note. In the episode’s final moments, Peter Griffin claimed that Stewiedied! provided the tremendous popularity of Stewie’s character, we’re in awe that the show would walk there. However, they have actually killed turn off a renowned character before, and restored him. Yet could this deathbe permanent?!

‘Family Guy’: Is Stewie Dead?

“Four year later, Lois and I got divorced and Stewie died,” Peter said during the episode. “Goodnight!”

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Did #FamilyGuy just tell us as soon as #Stewie dies & as soon as #PeterGriffin & #LoisGriffin will obtain divorced? #FOX #Thanksgiving

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During Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey exploded and the household started laughing uncontrollably. That’s when Peter’s voiceover began to deliver the shocking news. Granted,it was simply a premonition, but we know exactly how those walk down. (Remember last Destination?!)

Will Stewie really be leaving inFamily Guy future?! Let’s expect not!

Brian Griffin: Brought back From The Dead after ~ Backlash

One the the key reasons why we’re for this reason scared that Peter’s premonition might be true is because the show has eliminated off a significant character prior to in vault episodes.

Fans totally lost the after the episode. As result of fan backlash, Brian was revived!

Creator and star Seth MacFarlane revealed in an interview the he would never kill again after the intense fan outrage.“Would I perform it again? No,” Sethsaid. “We currently did it.”

Whew. That’s a big relief. However, can he go back on his word? This would be epos in terms of shock factor.

We’ll just need to tune in to following week’s illustration to (possibly) find out! family members Guy airs Sundays in ~ 9/8c.

bsci-ch.orgrs, carry out you think Stewie is really dead!? Let us know!

—Avery Thompson

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