An audience member has filed a negligence lawsuit versus David Copperfield, saying that he was injured after taking component in a trick.PHOTO: AFP

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Magician David Copperfield, 61, was forced to reveal the trick of his signature "Lucky #13" vanishing trick in court, after a negligence lawsuit was filed versus him by an audience member.

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British chef Gavin Cox, 58, was one of the 13 random human being liked from the audience to get involved in the illusion at a present at the MGM Grand also Las Vegas on Nov 12, 2013.

Cox declared in his lawsuit that he was injured during the act, after he obtained onto the stage and also "disappeared" behind a large curtain.

He asserted that he was made to walk via surprise passagemeans that were filled through dust and debris, before he arised at the earlier of the theatre.

The lawsuit forced the Copperfield to disclose the mechanics of the trick, which he has percreated for at leastern a decade.

Here is a look at 5 of Copperfield"s biggest tricks.

Amongst Copperfield"s best-well-known tricks is making the Statue of Liberty in New York City disappear in front of a live television audience in 1983.

To pull off the trick, he increased a giant sheet to hide the statue, prior to lowering it to disclose that it has actually vaniburned.

A helicopter cam crew even passes through the room to present that it is truly empty. He then makes Lady Liberty reappear.

Copperarea supposedly sassist that the illusion was meant to emphasise the prestige of liberty and also "how valuable liberty is and also exactly how easily it have the right to be lost".

2. Walking through the Great Wevery one of China

Even the seemingly impenetrable Great Wevery one of China would not obtain in the way of Copperfield"s illusion.

In a 1986 television unique, he shows up to walk with the Great Wall surface and emerges on the various other side a couple of minutes later.

Audience members sitting on each side and also above the wall save their eyes on a lighted box mirroring only Copperfield"s silhouette, as he progressively disshows up.

A tool surveillance his heartbeat supposedly becomes flat, before he reshows up from the other side of the wall unhequipped.

3. Flying in the air
David Copperarea - Flying (Levitation)

Copperarea made his childhood dream come true as soon as he first "flew" above a phase in a live display in 1992.

In an interview, he common that as an only boy, he frequently felt lonely and also dreamt of soaring with the air prefer a bird.

He starts the act by holding a bird in his hand before letting it fly. He then moves his hands gracefully in the air, prior to he seemingly floats himself.

Copperarea is also presented "flying" through numerous rotating hoops.

4. Escaping from Alcatraz
David Copperarea - Escape From Alcatraz

Wearing a straitjacket and also standing behind priboy bars, Copperarea performed a series of acts in an significant escape from Alcatraz prikid in 1987.

With simply 2½ minutes before a bomb is detonated, he frees himself from a cell in the former maximum defense prichild, passes with the prison cell door, prior to he picks a lock using three coins that have actually been turned into a tool.

In the 10 minute-long act, he additionally conjures a cat from a box to distract two prichild guard dogs and also emerges a complimentary man, prior to escaping in a helicopter dressed in a police unicreate.

5. Levitating over the Grand also Canyon

As Welsh singer Bonnie Taylor belts her hit song Holding Out For A Hero, Copperfield is presented in his 1984 stunt getting right into a seated position, prior to he levitates in the air and passes with a structure through hoops.

He then flies via the Grand also Canyon for numerous minutes, as the wind rustles in his hair, before safely landing ago where he began.

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