sporting activities fans usage the "magic number" to identify when a team clinches a playoff spot or a department title.The magic number is calculated by acquisition the number of games in a season, including one to account because that ties, and also then subtracting the variety of wins the the very first place team and the number of losses through the second place team.

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It"s the countdown come the end of the Cubs" constant season. Will they clinch their division before the end?

Every time a team in an initial place wins or the 2nd place team loses, the magic number goes down by one. As soon as the magic number it s okay to zero, it is mathematically difficult for the 2nd place team to record the first place team.For the Cubs, your magic number because that winning the NL main Division currently sits at five. There are 162 games in a baseball season, then include one, then subtract 91 because that the variety of wins the Cubs have actually and likewise subtract 67 because that the variety of losses the 2nd place Milwaukee Brewers have. Every Cubs victory or Brewers lose lowers the magic number by one.
The Cubs have actually a different magic number for simply clinching a clues in the National organization Wild card game. In both the National and American leagues, the height two groups that don"t victory their department play in a single-game playoff with the winner proceeding to the division Series alongside the division winners.Currently, the Brewers and also St. Louis Cardinals occupy the 2 spots in the national League, through the Colorado Rockies the an initial team out. The Cubs magic number to clinch a wild map playoff spot is two, calculation by acquisition 163, subtracting 91 for the variety of Cubs wins and also subtracting 70 because that the variety of Colorado Rockies losses.



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