Tonight top top CSI: Miami (CBS, 10/9c), sure, Horatio digs up a bit of political scandal and also Malcolm McDowell put in one encore together ruthless legal eagle Darren Vogel. But the beating heart of the illustration belongs to Calleigh Duquesne, who pulls the trigger on what assures to be a life-changing decision — and one that prompts Delko to go out on a limb himself.

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The catalyst because that this storyline to be planted previously in the season, as soon as Calleigh helped a pre-teen boy and also his sister v the transition to foster care after she put their father in prison. When Calleigh, while functioning a instance with Delko, crosses paths with young Austin again, she bring away a look in ~ the lad’s life and also how it can be better, and what’s missing from her own.

yes, really a contemporary woman’s problem,” Emily Procter common with us during a visit to the Miami set. “I think Calleigh’s probably beginning to notification she’s constantly in the lab, she just only works.”

And upon see what Austin’s been up to, “She ultimately realizes if he’s walking to be in the foster system, she’d fairly he be v her,” claims Procter. And also his sister, too. “She decides she’s walk to take on both that them.”

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Calleigh, though, might wind up v yet another addition to her life once longtime coworker and also sometime flame Delko gets wind of what she’s increase to. “My curiosity’s piqued,” claims Adam Rodriguez. “And when I find out what’s happening, I market to take on that obligation with Calleigh — if she wants me to.”

Um, “take top top that duty with Calleigh”? does that typical what we think it means…? “There’s no marital relationship proposal – yet,” claims Rodriguez. “But it’s definitely along the lines of, ‘I’m willing to walk to taking this on v you, if you desire me to."”

Again through the “if you want me to”! So, go Calleigh “want the to”? “How can she not?!” Procter answers. “Look at him! He’s beautiful. He’s sweet….”

Surveying his CSI’s motivations, Rodriguez notes the Delko has always been video game for romance with Calleigh, if she has actually expressed reservations based upon past relationship gone sour. “He watch an opportunity below to be something much more than just a boyfriend,” claims the actor. “His willingness to take it on that obligation is an indication of just how much he desires this relationship.”

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However this shakes the end — the story further creates in the yet-to-be-renewed crime drama’s Season 10 finale, airing in two weeks — Procter and Rodriguez are just both enthused to see motion on the an individual front for this pair.

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“I always thought it would certainly be interesting to watch what it would be like to work-related with who you’re married to,” states Procter. “We have actually been with each other for 10 years, therefore it would nice to check out that familiarity at work and then to have actually a relationship in addition to it.”

Adds Rodriguez: “I’m hoping the it goes somewhere, that it’s no what we’ve typically done in the past, simply nibbling at things and never really taking a bite. I hope we’re actually going down the road and also see what there is to see as opposed to just imagining it.”

But it’s possibly the ever-patient Delko/Calleigh ‘shippers because that whom Procter and Rodriguez are many excited.

“I favor to think of us as the Downton Abbey of transfer television,” Procter says with a laugh. “It’s like, ‘Will castle or won’t they?’ — and I’m constantly as drawn in as the people who watch the storylines. And now we’re kind of smushing earlier together!” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)Follow