Storyboarding is terrific way to focus on types of literary conflict. Have your students choose an example of each literary conflict and depict them using the Storyboard Creator. In the storyboard, an instance of each problem should it is in visually represented, along with an explanation of the scene, and how it fits the certain category the conflict.

Examples that Literary problem in A Raisin in the Sun


MAN vs. MANBeneatha is vehemently against acknowledging she mother’s faith, and also denies oh my god existence. This goes against her mother’s an extremely strict Christian beliefs, and also Mama strikes her daughter in the face.

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Walter feels prefer no one understands the or his dream, and he feel stuck. He marvels if there is anything come look forward to in his future, and he feels prefer a failure to his family.


The Younger family is segregated because of their race, and also they do a bold relocate to to buy a home in an all-white neighborhood. Karl Lindner, as a representative that the Clybourne Park Association, make the efforts to convince the Youngers to discover a residence in an additional neighborhood.

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Student Instructions

Create a storyboard that mirrors at least three forms of literary dispute in A Raisin in the Sun.

Identify problems in A Raisin in the Sun.Categorize each dispute as character vs. Character, character vs. Self, personality vs. Society, character vs. Nature, or Character vs. Technology.Illustrate conflicts in the cells, using personalities from the story.Write a brief description the the conflict below the cell.
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Grade Level 9-10

Difficulty Level 3 (Developing come Mastery)

Type the Assignment separation, personal, instance or Partner

Type the Activity: types of literary Conflict

Common main point Standards


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species of Literary dispute Rubric
Create a storyboard that shows at the very least three forms of literary dispute from the story. Support your choices with proof from the text.
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Conflict Identification
Student identify correct major conflicts and also uses strong, clean textual evidence to assistance choice.
Student identify correct major conflict and uses couple of or unclear details to support their choice.
Student identifies incorrect major conflict, and also uses some details indigenous the text to assistance their choice.
Student does not attempt come identify major conflict or identify incorrect major conflict v no explanation.
Understanding Outcome
Student clearly shows the result of the conflict and also its impacts on the protagonist with proof from the text.
Student mirrors the outcome of the conflict and its impact on the protagonist, however some proof is unclear.
Student shows the result of the conflict, yet does not study its result on the protagonist and also uses part vague textual evidence.
Student go not clearly show the outcome of the dispute or usage textual evidence.
Storyboard includes all required characters and plainly names them. Goes over and past by including additional details.
Storyboard includes all required personalities and clearly names them.
Storyboard includes protagonist and antagonist but leaves out other forced characters.
Storyboard go not incorporate the surname of forced characters.
Student plainly shows effort to convey the setup the scene of the book
Student attempts come convey setting and step of the book, but lacks some clarity.
Student go not clearly convey the setting and scene.
Student makes small or no attempt to convey the setting or scene.
Spelling and Grammar
Student provides exemplary spelling and also grammar. There room no errors.
Student makes a boy error in spelling and also grammar.
Student renders several minor errors in spelling and also grammar.
Student makes plenty of errors in spelling and also grammar; tiny attempt in ~ spellchecking.
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