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just obtained this 1911 and also know very tiny about Colt gold Cups any kind of one phone call me when it to be made and also is the a typical pistol or worth a few bucks equine Gunner


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I understand less, 보다 I want to know about Gold cups & National match Trophy pistols. My collection 80 has actually the serial number......FNO 51XX. Developed in late 1981. Not rare by any means.Yours in stainless to be made after ~ 1989. With that serial number ...1991 -1992. Is likely.Colt made under in S.S. 보다 blued finish. The rarely ones room early built , blued finish guns, chambrerd in .38 at sight , or a caliber different than ...45. A.C.P.

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Never referee a man, untill you"ve go a mile in his shoes. That means ... You"ll it is in a mile far from him , & ... You"ll have actually his shoes. provides a good historical timeline that the variants and also their construct timelines.Sadly, the guns developed after 1976, aren"t revered together highly, (ser. # numbers and dates space amiss and also lacking)
Never judge a man, untill you"ve to walk a mile in his shoes. That method ... You"ll be a mile far from the , & ... You"ll have his shoes.
thanks because that your help going to usage a a shooter that a quite gun and very accurate contrasted to every my old 1911A1 equine Gunner
I own a series 80 SS yellow Cup, serial no. SN061xx. Follow to Colt, it to be shipped in 1986. So, your serial number SN07893 would have been created sometime in 1986. The two-piece black stocks, through the 150th Anniversary medallions additionally mark it together a 1986 gun.You can speak to Colt, and they deserve to confirm the date. The Colt net site likewise has a serial number look increase feature, but serial number after 1978 are spotty in ~ best.
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Nice. Ns would have guessed 1986 also. This may have been the very first year of manufacturing for a SS GCNM. I have a 1988 and also its S/N is SN16xxx. That came with wrap roughly rubber grips which I changed with some hardwood ones native the old Ajax Co.
Colt introduced SS 1911s in 1984 however I have yet to watch a SS GCNM previously than 1986. Contact Colt and let us know when they to speak yours to be made. Carry out not believe 1995 if that is what the virtual S/N lookup offers you on their website. Colt likewise introduced the collection 80 firing pin mechanism in 1983. Then there was the significant Union/labor strike indigenous 85-90 where a lot of of guns were assembled by temp workers. Yours look at in great shape and also original and also down below it would certainly be around $1K now. A little much more if you have the box, etc.
I have a Colt catalogue because that 1986. On the web page where the Colt autos are first shown, there"s this quote:
GOLD CUP national MATCHAvailable this feather in stainless steel, this target pistol is used by an ext world-class shooters than any other centerfire pistol
This leads me to think the an initial ones were easily accessible in spring 1986. The subtitle beneath the photo also reflects "New Stainless stole .45ACP". With any type of arms maker, the marketing must be viewed skeptically. However, missing any proof to the contrary, I"ll stick v the catalogue. Walt Kulek"s spreadsheet link also shows 1986 gift the an initial year for the design O5070.
The American republic will certainly endure until the day congress discovers the it can bribe the public with the public"s money. - Alexis de Tocqueville
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Congratulations top top the SS 1911 yellow Cup! I have actually the very same in high sleek blue and also it is currently 28 years old v over 14K rounds down range and operates as good as the job it come out that the box. Can"t beat one, in mine opinion as a production gun.

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