Have an possibility to buy among these relatively cheap in addition to a pair of other lever guns. I know problem is everything, yet what room these points worth?
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I think much more details would aid you....I"ve seen them indigenous $300 to $2,000, depending on year, condition, etc. Many seem to it is in in the $300-$500 range, in fair "shooter" condition, but I"m no expert on them.......

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Won"t also guess without comprehensive pics. I very own 2 the them; a "fine" one and a yes, really nice shooter. Write-up pics......
Last one I got was from Cabela"s pistol library for $300 in around 60% blue through tight action and clean barrel. This would certainly be 3 year ago.
Unfortunately, the Colt military Special is among those revolvers that execute not grew in price. The just ones that gain in value space special bespeak variations together as unique order barrel lengths. I picked increase one that was in 38 distinct for $275 in 100% condition. Unfortunately, it does not have the box. The total shop failure to measure the barrel length and also it to be a 3" barrel i m sorry is not a standard barrel length. That would certainly make it a one-of-a-kind order gun. I am guess-a-mating the worth around between $750 come $900. I have the right to only imagine what the gunshop paid because that the revolver as soon as they bought it. Since it is a unique order gun, one of these days i will have actually to check the Colt documents to check out who ordered the gun.--fjruple--
I thought the military Special was in .38 LC- no .38 Special. You have the right to tell by looking in the chambers- no instance mouth stops in the LC.Best, Thomas.
Army distinct was presented in 1907/08. Changed the new Army/Navy that had discontinued long Colt in 1905; all were chambered in 38 special from then on. ~ above the 32-20, 3".......are you sure it is not a shortened barrel and not a distinct order?? The only method to tell is to letter the thru Colt historic records or by physically analyzing the barrel. If the is to reduce the marking will be the end of place/position and also obvious to also the most casual observer....

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I"m certain of nothing, however here room some photos. It locks up really tight and is in pretty an excellent shape.
I think the is like many of the vintage firearms - the all counts on your an ar as much as what they space going for. I purchased my army Special - 6" - 38 one-of-a-kind - made in 1910 - about 95% with original grips for $350 and that to be a couple of years back. At the time, that"s pretty much what they were going for - $300 - $350 depending upon condition, whether original grips, etc.Mine is a an excellent shooter - ns bought mine as they come out in 1908 - exact same year mine Dad to be born and also the surname was switched to "Official Police" in 1927 - very same year mine Dad graduated from High School.I have actually looked because that a 32-20 however the persons I"ve run throughout have either remained in less than preferable shape or end priced. I would imagine that worth would still depend on your area and also on problem - and unless you reload, I would think the 38 one-of-a-kind version would certainly be an ext desirable as result of the easy availability of ammo turn off the shelf. For someone who have the right to reload the 32-20, I"m thinking one would be a many fun! If the price were reasonable, I"d snatch one up even if it had actually wear as long as it to be in an excellent mechanical form - but then I"m wanting a 32-20!