Beaches to inspect out close to Winter Haven FL 

Florida is the sunshine state because that a reason. What better way to capture the sunshine than going to the beach? although Winter Haven might be mid-land, the does not average you cannot take it a day trip out to the beach. We looked up few of the closestly beaches to Winter Haven for you to examine out. Keep reading to find the following beach because that you come visit.  


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Vero Beach 

A tiny less 보다 two hrs away, Vero beach is a small town across from the Indian river Lagoon. As well as the beach there room plenty of places to examine out. The McKee factory Garden has plenty of tropical plants and also water lily-filled streams to enjoy. North Vero Beach has actually a nationwide Wildlife Refuge because that brown pelicans. Vero Beach’s south Beach Park has plenty the walking courses to stroll through. 

Cocoa Beach 

Cocoa beach is about the same distance away as Vero Beach. The is near a lagoon dubbed Thousand Islands. There you have the right to go kayaking or watch dolphins and also manatees. Head over to the Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier for surfing. While you are in town, make certain to prevent over in ~ the Florida Surf Museum. 

Daytona Beach 

Reaching a little over a two-hour drive, Daytona coast is recognized for the Daytona worldwide Speedway. As soon as it no racing season, there are stages with totally free concerts and the Daytona Lagoon water park full of go-karts, laser tag and also waterslides to check out.  

St. Augustine Beach  

Although this beach is the furthest coast we have actually mentioned, that is complete of history worth check out. A little under a three-hour drive, St. Augustine Beach offers automobile access. This accessibility is perfect for those wanting come zoom about in their jeeps. Examine out historical sites favor the Spanish Coquina Quarries and Anastasia Island.  

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