Located southern of the Cape Canaveral Air force Station, Cocoa coast is a popular destination for fishing, surfing, and great old-fashioned funny in the sun. What is the closestly airport come Cocoa Beach, Florida? The beach is located within a 65-mile radius of 3 domestic and also international airports. This means, when you’re making your take trip arrangements, you’ll have choices based top top your choices for travel time, airlines, and also airport amenities. No matter the airport friend choose, Signature Transportation team can acquire you there, thanks to ours fleet of comfortable vehicles.

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Melbourne international Airport (MLB / KMLB)

If you want domestic or international flights, the closestly airport come Cocoa coast is Melbourne worldwide Airport. It’s about 22 miles southern of the heart of Cocoa Beach, i m sorry is about a 30-minute pilgrimage via US-1 N and Florida A1A N/S Atlantic Ave. Every day, American Airlines and Delta Airlines sell non-stop flights to your hubs in Charlotte and Atlanta. They also provide one-stop organization to locations all over the world. Currently, upstream Airways is working on developing routes from its hub in Melbourne, FL. The plane itself offers the complying with amenities:

Free Wi-FiPet assistanceFood and also drinkCollection that artworks by local artistsAirport museum (free admission)

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Orlando international Airport (MCO / KMCO)

The second-closest significant airport is Orlando worldwide Airport, i m sorry is 52 mile west of Cocoa Beach, FL. If you take FL-528 indigenous the airport. (includes tolls), you deserve to expect approximately a 50-minute journey. The toll-free course — FL-528 via I-95 from FL-520 W — you’ll add an extra 10 minute or therefore to her trip. Numerous major airlines offer MCO / KMCO, including Air Canada, American Airlines, United, Delta, british Airways, and also more. For much easier navigation, you deserve to download the MCO plane App, i beg your pardon will allow you to discover the complying with locations more easily:

Hyatt Regency Orlando worldwide AirportFood and also drinkArt programAPM come the key terminal

Orlando Sanford global Airport (SFB / KSFB)

Orlando Sanford international Airport is Cocoa Beach’s third-closest significant airport, located about 65 mile northwest. The ride native the airport to Cocoa coast takes about one hour and 17 minutes via FL-46 and also I-95 S. Their airlines fly to destinations anywhere the globe. If you’re travel in from one more location, your website uses a wide range of details on neighborhood lodgings and also attractions. Orlando Sanford international Airport offers the complying with amenities come make your trip an ext enjoyable:

Royal Palm LoungeFree Wi-FiFood and drink

Travel to or from the airport in Style

Traveling can be stressful, but with Signature transport Group’s fleet of comfortable, luxury cars — that doesn’t need to be. Discover our fleet below:

Sedans and SUVs

Mercedes-Benz S-ClassCadillac EscaladeCadillac XTS


Turtle TopExecutive-Style Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Executive Buses

23-Passenger executive, management Bus37-Passenger executive, management Bus56-Passenger executive Coach

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Whether you’re travel to or native the closest airport to Cocoa Beach, Florida, Signature Transportation team is happy to take it you there! If you’re plan a trip to Cocoa Beach, be certain to check out our recommendations for airboat tours close to Orlando, FL — located around an hour native Cocoa Beach. Publication a reservation now or call us to learn an ext about our fleet, rates, and more.