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Went to neighborhood dealership come price the spare tire kit. Parts male said it needs a winch kit also. This team of kit priced out at almost $600 with a discount. I’ve viewed spare tire kits on line for $350. No winch kit online. Spring under the 2014 T&C I view what looks prefer the upper half of the spare storage area.Is the winch kit something that’s needed?


Our 14 had actually the winch already. Ns bought the reduced carrier and also tire/wheel ~ above ebay for around $150 or something favor that.Take a good look under there. Maybe write-up a picture
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I checked in the cargo area compartment whereby the Tirefit compressor is stored. I discovered the jack and also a pouch through tools. I looked under the van. The top tire cover and winch are already in place. Prefer you said all the is required is the preventive tire/wheel and lower cover.
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I wonder how plenty of owners are mindful of the piece of the spare tires kit that are currently in place. That saves the have to spend hundreds because that the complete kit.I have actually the 2014 30th anniversary T&C.

I would certainly think many (if not all) will an initial check if winch and tools are there prior to buying a thing. That"s called usual sense.
Mine didn"t come v tools or jackI am trying to find a steel wheel therefore I deserve to have a full size spare. No to worried around storage together I will certainly only have actually it once traveling. Still need to get small jack first as I have a short-term spare from Journey.
I to be so overwhelmed through the choices that the 30 th anniversary edition had and also the $8500 discount from MSRP when I to buy the van, having a spare tire was low on the must have list.
My pal was caught sleeping and needs to install a spare. Go the "almost $600 kit" encompass a complete size spare or compact spare? Hmmm...can anyone estimate what the dealerships charge for installation? TIA
The dealership ns talked to around the installation and also $600 kit to be going to charge $80+ because that installation. Figure one hour job minimum at the dealership might be $80 come $110 per hour.Local mechanic might install the kit because that less.
My pal was caught sleeping and needs to download a spare. Go the "almost $600 kit" include a complete size spare or compact spare? Hmmm...can anyone estimate what the dealerships fee for installation? TIA
Nothing to install if the winch is currently there. If top cover is no there, then it takes just two plastic press pins to affix it to the vehicle.
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Buy the kit off ebay and install it choose Levy states. My 2014 T&C 30th Anniversary did not come with winch, tire or plastic covers. To be a an extremely easy install. Ns bought the plastic press in holders because that the top plastic cover in ~ NAPA. Ns bought the winch off ebay together well.You do need to look under the van in between the two front seat to see what you execute or perform not have actually already.You won"t go wrong having actually a spare. Good luck with the inflation kit when the sidewall gets punctured or valve stem leaks/breaks. That is pretty to have a compressor in the vehicle.
My friend fixed his case by buying and installing the parts needed. He report it on a various thread. The wrapped it up a week back (mid November) and also included pictures. Ns am linking it right here for anyone who desires the entirety story.

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Hello all, This is my first post ~ above the forum together I freshly purchased a 2019 old share GC SE. I wanted to re-superstructure the procedure I have actually been through to gain a spare under my SE which just came v a actual "Mopar" compressor. Inquiry the dealer come quote me the cost for a complete spare assembly... is the best forum for Chrysler Town and Country owners to discuss mileage, price, problems, towing and more. Sign up with now!
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