Your brand-new or used CDJR car comes v an intuitive infotainment attribute that enables you to attach your phone v your vehicle to present music, Xenia navigation, and also even calls and also texts. For all of its benefits however, the Chrysler UConnect system may need to it is in reset on chance if it’s freezing up, not connecting to her phone, or glitching. Learn how to reset your Chrysler UConnect app with vital Chrysler Jeep Dodge lamb FIAT in ours step-by-step guide. If you have questions or if you’re unsure that the resetting process, contact us and also we’ll aid you yet we can!

Trust The crucial CDJR FIAT organization Team

Resetting her Chrysler UConnect is a reasonably easy process, but you should proceed v caution. If you perform the reset improperly climate you can wipe out any type of upgrades that were mounted on her UConnect computer system by the dealership, you can lose her phone contacts and also pairing, and you may lose access to some critical features.

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To for sure you’re law the reset properly, it’s always best to examine your vehicle’s owner’s manual very first to watch if over there are certain instructions for her CDJR vehicle’s model and also UConnect version. If you room unsure if you can perform the reset properly, friend can always schedule a business appointment with crucial Chrysler Jeep Dodge lamb FIAT near Beavercreek to have actually your UConnect reset by ours certified technicians.

Five Easy actions to Reset UConnect®

There are different ways to reset her UConnect system depending upon your vehicle and the UConnect software program version friend have. These resetting instructions room for the recent UConnect version – 8.4. If you have a different UConnect version, climate you should inspect with her dealer to view if this resetting instructions will still apply.

If you’re ready to reset her UConnect 8.4 system, monitor the steps below:

Ensure your auto is in park and also in “Run” mode.Press and also hold down the volume and also tuner knob buttons at the very same time.Hold down the knobs for 10 – 20 seconds.After holding under the knobs, the display screen should flash your auto brand name and then walk dark.After a couple of moments the brand name will certainly return, the mechanism will reinitialize, and also it will return you to the key UConnect screen.

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The over instructions room for a soft reset of her UConnect 8.4 system, this type of reset will help with bluetooth connectivity issues, minor navigation issues, and minor glitches in the UConnect mechanism without wiping your presets.

Have Your auto Inspected at an essential CDJR FIAT!

If you’re still struggling with your UConnect system after you’ve carry out a soft reset or a hard reset, lug it right into our business department so one of our standard technicians can inspect your vehicle and assess the problem. If you’re right here you deserve to have your car maintained so it’s all set to operation on Wilmington roads. Browser our business specials to get discounts on regimen maintenance solutions or browse our components department for accessories for her CDJR vehicle. Us look forward to see you!