I"ve acquired Chevy Cobalt 2007 with key stuck in ignition and dead battery. The battery is situated in the trunk.

The trunk might be opened up either making use of the button (oh no, cannot execute that due to the fact that the battery is dead) or utilizing the vital (oh no, cannot do that because the only crucial is grounding in ignition).

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Could you suggest just how to remove the key from the ignition w/out electrical power, or just how to fee the battery w/out accessing the trunk?




You must jump begin your car. Pop the hood. You"ll view something like this:


Inside the green circle is the optimistic jump point. Connect the red jumper cable clamp over there first. Find an unpainted floor spot and attach your negative clamp there. Once connected to the donor car, you"ll have power to carry out what you require ... Either start the car, or pop the stems to obtain to the battery.

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If you look up from underneath the steering obelisk there is a hole whereby you can push a button or a tab to release the crucial with a srewdriver.


I had actually the same problem. This is the dumbest "circular logic" trouble an engineer have the right to make.I had to "reverse birth" myself by jamming my arm in between the back seats to relax the passenger rear seat lever. My arm was simply long enough to push the lever (normally pulled from the rear of the car), but when I pushed the lever, mine body to be pushing on the seat. Once I relocated my human body away indigenous the seat, my arm was too short.20 minute of attempts, and also even trying to usage my radio antenna come "hook" the Jimmy Hoffa trunk release (with no success), and also I lastly bruised mine arm/shoulder/neck enough to relax the seat, and also end this nightmare.And it was raining.


My 07 cobalt walk this to me since alert mechanism no longer notifies me if my actual lights, rotate signal, chair belt are on yet crazy thing is it"s as soon as my front speakers aren"t working but when castle do every one of my alerts job-related too. Turns out i left my lamp on every day (8 hr), after ~ work obtained to my car and also tried to start it my battery to be dead and also then a light in the dash showed up it was a vehicle with a lock going with it, looked it up the symbol intended anti theft to be on, had to walk under the steering wheel and release my key before we can even jump begin the car.

I have actually a portable jump starter that ns made the wrong of maintaining in the trunk. Dead battery, an essential locked in the ignition. I read the comments. Correctly you have the right to open the little square tab under the steering column and feel roughly with your finger because that a tab to push, near where the crucial is and also you deserve to turn the key back and pull it out.

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