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Fable III Cheats because that Xbox 360

Duplicate noþeles (Pre-Patch) There"s a quick, straightforward glitch that allows you come dupe gold or something else. You simply need a 2nd controller with a second character logged into your game. Then use player 1 come "gift" player 2 whatever you desire to dupe, then leave player 1"s sanctuary. Have player 2 get in his sanctuary and find the gift. Now have actually him refuse the gift to send it earlier to player 1. Automatically have player 2 leaving his sanctuary then automatically drop him from the game. Now player 1 has actually a rubbish gift in his sanctuary and player 2 will not it is in saved, an interpretation when friend reload him, that will likewise have a gift the video game didn"t save as being rejected. Dupe! You deserve to dupe as much as 100k yellow at a time making use of this.

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Contributed by: kcsdman

Lionhead logo

If girlfriend swim out into the ocean in the Driftwood area, when you struggle the boarder wherein you can"t swimming out any kind of further if girlfriend tilt your camera to look down into the water there is a Lionhead Studios logo on the sea floor.

Contributed by: SirNorek

Portal Tribute

During the Hideout mission the bowerstone as soon as going to record Nigel Ferret. You will certainly come throughout a room through a silver- key. In ~ the far end of the room over there is a path roughly the boxes come the other jail cell. In the cabinet is a hobbe worshiping the companion cube from portal and on the table beside the cabinet is a cake.

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Contributed by: ldstennisplayer

Tribute to The Legend the Zelda

In the graveyard in Mourningwood there will be a tombstone the reads "It"s dangerous to go the end alone. Take it this". Her dog will certainly bark and also start digging appropriate in front of the grave. Her prize? A powerful "Toy Sword".

Contributed by: ChibiHero

The eastern Hare Egg

In Millfields, listed below the graveyard, girlfriend will find some graves. Read the an initial three ~ above the left:Walter Coen, Stabbed in vast daylight.Jeffrey Coen, melted at sunrise.Theodore Coen, shooting in the dead that night.There room statues organize spyglasses around Millfields. Go the end of that tiny grave area and also you have to see a statue standing ahead of you. If you read it, the says: Theodore Coen. Wait until midnight than keep shooting the statue, it must glow for a 2nd and you must hear the sound of who dying.Now head to the gazebo in the center of the lake and also look under the leg that leader to it. You need to see the Jeffrey Coen statue. Equip the fire spell, wait until morning then save shooting it at him. He need to glow and make the sound the dying.For this last one, walk to the Demon Door and you must see an additional statue. This one is Walter Coen. Wait until noon and keep hitting him with your sword. The will carry out the small glow and also sound of death thing, climate you will watch the traction right create prompt. Traction it to view that an egg showed up in the gazebo! choose it as much as see that it is the "East Hare Egg". (The east Hare Egg does nothing, gives you nothing and also will not show up in her sanctuary. The is just for a small fun.)

Contributed by: Gimli1357

how to shoot adversaries easy!

Most in-world creatures will only pursue you so far - move away indigenous them till lock stop. Shoot them through Ranged weapon and also they won"t come after you - may not work-related with ARENA, or main quest occasions - great way to upgrade ranged weapons. Continue to be out that their attack range, snipe castle easy!

Contributed by: graffffffffik

success achievement Achievement embrace a child. win the assistance of the Dwellers. actors all 15 possible spell combinations. death 30 opponents with explosive barrels. collect all 30 rare books for the Brightwall Academy. Unlock every one of the chests top top the road To Rule. carry out a imperial judgement while dressed as a chicken. obtain a 15,000 gold bounty inserted on her head. have a son with an additional Xbox LIVE player. destruction up 50 items. win the support of Aurora. Dye each component of one outfit you"re put on a different colour and also have lengthy hair. collect every article of clothing. collect all 30 Auroran flowers. This is wherein you *spoiler* the great, big *spoiler* and then it every *spoiler*. Make certain Max and also Sam gain home in time for tea. ruin all 50 gnomes. death 500 adversaries using firearms. host hands with someone. undertake a full collection of apparel intended because that the the contrary sex. As leader of Albion, acquire married 6 times and kill 2 of your spouses. collection all 50 silver Keys and also 4 yellow Keys. death 500 adversaries using melee weapons. develop the island of Driftwood. Score 2000 ~ above the Mourningwood ft mortar game. defeat Chesty at his own game. acquire married to one more Xbox LIVE player. pat in each town as a 5 star lute player. construct a property realm worth 2,000,000 gold. complete 3 distinct upgrades on one of the legendary tools found around Albion. enter into a service partnership with an additional Xbox LIVE player. make 20 Friends. Send an adversary flying into the air and kill him while he"s airborne. Remodel 5 different houses by changing the furniture. Rescue the princess native the evil Baron. integrate two gauntlets to actors a "woven" spell. fully upgrade her Melee, Ranged, and also Magic ability on the road to Rule. success the assistance of the Swift Brigade. Reinstate an ancient, evil temple. Unleash her heroic potential. victory the assistance of Bowerstone. come to be the ruler of Albion. Kill adversaries with melee, ranged and spell attacks. usage touch expressions to interact with 20 different people. save the maximum quantity of Albion citizens. assist the celebrated thespians Lambert and Pinch put on the world"s best play. knife 1,000 gold in henchman earnings in another Hero"s world. kill 500 opponents using magic. finish Fable III without being knocked out in combat.
Adopt Or Die
And So it Begins
Barrel that Laughs
Brightwall book Club
Chest Grandmaster
Coronation Chicken
Crime Spree
Cross-Dimensional Conception
Distant Friends
Dye Hippie, Dye
Fashion Victim
Flower Power
For Albion!
Ghost Brothers
Gnome Invasion
Gunning because that Glory
Hand in Hand
He"s a Woman. She"s a Man
Henry VIII
I am The Keymaster
If it Bleeds, We can Kill It
Island Paradise
Knight Jumps Chesty
Long distance Relationship
Lute Hero Tour
Magnate Personality
My Weapon"s far better Than Yours
Online Merger
Popularity Contest
Save The Princess!
Super Hero
Swift Justice
The Dark Sanctum
The Guild Seal
The Resistance
The leader of Albion
Total Warrior
Touched by A Hero
Tough Love
We can Be Heroes
We need Guns, many Guns
Wizard"s Revenge
You Can"t lug Me Down

Contributed by: R351D3NT3V1L4

Avatar Awards Unlockable Unlockable come to be the leader of Albion. victory the assistance of the Dwellers. win the support of the Bowerstone. victory the assistance of the Swift Brigade.
Royal Boots
Royal Shirt
Royal Trousers

Contributed by: Guard master

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