Chardonnay provided a brand-new interview to VH1 and also she extended a many things. She talks around her “homie” connection with Ray J, her answers top top the lie detector test, plus shockingly denies gift a stripper or ever before being one i beg your pardon is in reality a lie since we have it on an excellent authority that she was when a stripper in Atlanta.

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As if she splits and pole climbing on the present were not enough proof, she also admitted come Danger in of the bonus clips on VH1’s website that she is a “dancer.”

Below room some excerpts from she interview –


How was your time ~ above the show?

It to be good. It was a learning experience. Ns didn’t expect it to be exactly like the was v the cameras in your confront every second. It to be crazy, yet it was fun.

What did you think about his assessment the you males only had a “homey” connection?

He was entitled to his opinion. I respect that, and I respect his decision. Us were friends, we room friends and also we will certainly forever be friends, basically. I just feel choose the instance was misunderstood. I was trying to prove to him the you have the right to have a girl it is the ideal of both worlds. They have the right to be your friend, you have the right to go come parties and also play basketball together, however you can still have a relationship. I want to present him those sides, and also I think he could have misunderstood that. However hey, what can I do?

Do you feeling like risk took up his time?

I do, however at the end of the day, it’s a competition. Girlfriend won’t acquire your time uneven you success dates, and also if friend don’t win dates, you have to make time in the house. Part girls were more forward than others, however I’m not gonna cling come you and smother you. That’s no me.

What execute you think about alcohol specifying your character? Was that a same representation?

I’m no that big of a drinker. If alcohol is there, ns gonna drink it. What girl would turn down a drink? that fun. I’m not an alcoholic, though, and also I don’t want to be seen as the alcoholic. Yes, my name is Chardonnay, because that’s my favorite beverage. I don’t drink difficult liquor. I like wine. I feel prefer it’s a classy drink. Transparent the show, yes, i was drinking Chardonnay, yet you never saw me drunk. You never saw my head in the toilet and I didn’t get removed for being a party girl. So i don’t feeling so bad.

You no drunk on the first episode?

I to be tipsy! A lady never ever gets drunk, she it s okay tipsy.

You were accused of gift a stripper. Room you?

No, ns am not. That come up on the first episode, and I to be like, OK. Ns didn’t require to define myself come them. Ns was not about to prove come them that I’m this or not that. That was none of their business. People can to speak what lock want, but anybody deserve to do a split. A continuous person can do a split. If girlfriend stretch long enough, you can do a split. Cheerleaders can do a split. That not like I’m doing a dual cartwheel round-off back handspring, you know?

I think that takes distinct talent to execute what friend did top top the stripper pole.

Yes, that does. That takes a the majority of arm strength, however people take pole dance classes. The a type of exercise. There can be a lot of different reasons why ns was maybe to do that other than gift a stripper.

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During her lie-detector montage, it seemed as though you had actually said “Yes” come a concern asking if you will do sleep with any of the girls in the house. Did you say that?

No, ns did not. I said no and it came ago that i was telling the truth. (Laughs)

Do friend feel choose your portrayal to be accurate?

I do, because that the many part. Ns wish castle had displayed some in-depth conversations us had and also I wish they would certainly have displayed that we had fun in the house. That wasn’t simply all catty and also at every other’s throats. However I think ns was depicted well. They shown me as a real girl. I can do naught else but be me, and also I walk me come the fullest.