Why take into consideration speedometer conversion?

Your imported Japanese vehicle will have actually a speedometer analysis in km/h only. In general they do not have a smaller sized mph range in the same method that UK cars often have a smaller sized km/h scale.

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So if you’re buying a vehicle direct indigenous Japan you might want to think about speedometer conversion. This might well currently have been done because that you if you’re buying an imported car currently in the UK.

The switch work can be done in Japan before the automobile is exported, or it can be excellent in the UK as soon as the automobile has arrived.

Reasons to prevent speedometer conversion

There are a variety of situations wherein you could want to protect against speedometer conversion:

You desire to store the vehicle as close come original condition as possible.You’re an competent driver or have actually a details head for figures and also can carry out the conversion indigenous kph to mph in her head whilst you’re driving.You constantly drive with a satellite navigation device that display screens the rate in mph.You want to conserve money top top the prices of speedometer conversion.

Do friend have to transform the speedometer?

Having said every one of the above, perform you have a selection about speedometer conversion? In some situations, yes friend do!

If the vehicle is end 10 years old as soon as it has its very first MOT in the UK, you perform not have actually to convert the speedometer.

Many world will tell girlfriend it is a legal necessity for the MOT. This is incorrect. The automobile does have to have a speedometer, but the MOT regulations carry out not state that it needs to read in miles per hour.

However, if the car is under 10 years old as soon as it come in the UK, it will need to have an IVA test. The speedometer will have to be in miles per hour because that the automobile to happen this test.

Speedometer counter methods

There are a couple of ways to convert the speedometer on one imported car. 2 of them room electronic and one is much more of a physics adjustment come the car. If you’re walking for one of the electronic methods, make certain the human being doing the work-related knows what they’re doing! If these conversions aren’t done effectively they can affect the gear adjust points of automatic gearboxes, having actually a considerable knock on effect on fuel consumption and driving enjoyment.

Speedometer switch chip

These are wired in to the car’s electronics. Speed is presented in mph and also distance is recorded in mile from the allude of fitment onwards. They do not convert already recorded distance on the odometer indigenous kilometers come miles. The speedometer dial challenge is amended come reflect the brand-new units but is otherwise unchanged. This is done by spanning the kmh lettering with a mph sticker, or in a ‘budget’ counter by blacking out the k the km/h to leave m/h.

ECU reprogramming

In part cars, speedometer conversion have the right to be done by reprogramming the ECU.

Replacement dial face

The original speedometer dial challenge in km/h is changed with a brand-new face through mph and also km/h scales. Street will proceed to be taped in kilometers and also it is acceptable in the UK to have speed and distance in different units.

Speedometer counter costs

This might be anything native £50 to number of hundred pounds. The expense depends number of factors, with the key factors being: the kind of car connected (specifically the form of wiring/electronics or intricacy of dashboard) and also whether you’re law the conversion yourself or having actually it done because that you.

What about the odometer reading?

Speedometer conversion regularly goes hand in hand with converting the odometer analysis from kilometers come miles. From the suggest of switch onwards, rate is presented in mph and also distance is recorded in miles. This is not the instance when using a replacement dial face because this doesn’t interfere with the signal native the rate sensor.

This changing of the odometer reading is among the main reasons I favor to avoid digital speedometer conversion wherever possible. Ns think that can current an possibility for the dishonest to ‘remove’ a couple of thousand kilometers/miles native the car. However, if the speedometer is converted using an digital method, i agree the the odometer must be converted as well. The can acquire confusing for the rate to it is in in miles per hour however for the distance to have been recorded partially in kilometers and partly in miles.

There space a variety of ways you can check the odometer reading of her imported Japanese car. These depend on how and also where you buy the car.

Have her speed presented in MPH without the conversion

There are a few more options that will certainly let you watch your speed in mph there is no the full conversion process. They are less permanent and can be moved from auto to car.

Mobile phone rate app

There are plenty of mobile phone call apps that can screen speed in your chosen units. I’ve had an excellent results v DigiHUD and there are many others.

Satellite navigation

If you always travel through your satellite nav on, you could just use the speed display screen on this.

Standalone speedometer

You can buy a removable speedometer that reads in MPH. Most of this use gps to work out the vehicle speed, back some have the right to plug in come the OBD port.


There are lots of options for seeing your rate in mph in Japanese income cars, each with advantages and disadvantages.

I like to leave the auto as it was made and also use the cell phone phone/sat nav options. Ns realise I’m most likely in the minority through this. The instead of dial face an approach is mine other wanted option due to the fact that it doesn’t indicate interfering v the car’s electronics.

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If you’re to buy a vehicle that has been converted, make certain it has been done properly and also satisfy yourself that the automobile hasn’t ‘lost’ part distance from the odometer in the process. Feel cost-free to send me a message or write-up a comment listed below if you’d prefer to know an ext about this.